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Accessories C14 / Re: OH NO!! Another oil filter thread
« Last post by Jim Snyder on Yesterday at 11:33:05 pm »
Well now I have to figure out how I have made it for over 25 years using Fram filters with zero issues. But to be fair I am switching to Wix just to keep from getting flamed.
I'll state again, having never had to R/R a starter clutch, or alternator chain/tensioner, after looking at Guy's excellent photo, and going back to the FSM, and looking closely, I can see no way that the tensioner itself would allow the starter to "spin but not turn the engine over".
i can see that it would make noise, but there is simply too much available contact area of the drive and driven gears and the chains teeth, even if the tensioner was removed, to allow the starter to only "spin".

after looking further, the symptom "starter spins but does not turn engine over" has only one viable answer in the trouble shooting guide:;
"starter motor clutch trouble"  (and yes, sorry, it's an internal part..  i.e., case split required.) :-X :-X

this can be verified by removing the alternator, and also the starter, and manually rotating the alternator dampers by hand, attempting to turn it fully both clockwise, and counter clockwise, it should only be able to be tuned in one direction, and can be visually verified by watching the "internal gear" that mates with the shaft on the starter, by looking into the hole that starter protrudes into.

the only other thing I could imagine, would be a broken starter armature shaft, the end that mates with the internal tranny gear. This would be evident when the starter was removed to test the clutching mechanism right off.
so before I would mess with the right side of the engine, chasing the tensioner for the alternator... I would pull the alternator, and starter, and inspect that from the left side... for starter clutch function or starter shaft damage.
Accessories C14 / Re: OH NO!! Another oil filter thread
« Last post by Buzzard on Yesterday at 09:57:14 pm »
I, too, would like to know how a Kawasaki filter would have made out in this test. Answered a few questions for me. The take home message is this, Fram is junk! I guess that, yes, the filter medium itself is up for grabs.
3 possiblities-

1- As stated above, the tensioner has died. Replace with a new one or repair with this

2- Starter motor gear has come loose from the starter motor. Remove the starter motor and inspect.

3- The starter motor clutch has died (links the starter gear with the alternator shaft). This requires a getting the motor out so I really hope it's not this.
Other Motorcycles / Test Rode the new 1250 GS today
« Last post by TJ on Yesterday at 08:03:15 pm »
This review comes with the perspective of owning a 2017 R1200RS with the previous gen water cooled boxer making 125hp.

The new GS is rated at 136HP I believe by virtue of the new "shift cam" engine. The new GS also has the TFT display, ESA with adjustable height, quick shift assist pro, CC, heated seat & grips. A host of other features I am probably going to be remiss at having knowledge of, but you get the idea.

I am 5"11 with a 31 inch inseam, and had no problem flat footing the GS. The adjustable suspension height can be set to "low" to make it easier for the vertically challenged. The GS feels light and manageable at every point, be it peddling around via leg power or highway speeds. It just feels very manageable, maneuverable and light at all times. In the hour I spent on the bike, I ran through the mountains, and did some freeway time as well. In the twisty bits, the GS is a weapon. It corners very well, makes mid corner adjustments a breeze, and is very stable. Noticeably more composed than my C14. The GS ergos are very comfortable, and the wind protection was really good as well, which surprised me. TFT display was great, and the controls were all really intuitive and nicely thought out.

Now to the major difference for this year, the engine. The older 125hp boxer is a decently quick bike. The new boxer flat out stomps! There is noticeably more power in the mid and upper ranges, and the new engine really likes to rev. So for example, a 60-90 mph top gear roll on felt much stronger on the new boxer. Power delivery is very smooth, and cruising at highway speeds the engine is quite smooth and pleasant just like my boxer.

MSRP was 22K, which is a lot of money. However, when I consider a new Versys 1K is $18K, and has less poke, and chain drive, than the GS, than it seems more rational. Honestly, as much as I like the Versy 1K, I would spend the money and buy the GS.

Conclusion: Very impressive, but I doubt a GS is for me right now. I might however be tempted to sell the C14 and my RS in a year or so for an RT, or GS Adventure and go down to one bike.

Other Motorcycles / Re: Anybody else want a Niken?
« Last post by SantaCruzRider on Yesterday at 07:46:28 pm »
Would you want one if you could knit it together yourself -- and for the cost of a ball of yarn (whatever that might be)???

(It just keeps getting weirder.)

"Dude, did you knit that Niken yourself? SOOO COOOOOLLLLLL!"    -- said no one ever.     :rotflmao:
Southeast Events / Re: BMWNEF 36TH Annual Winter Rally
« Last post by ron203 on Yesterday at 07:06:34 pm »
The better to see you with, my dear.

Actually, I'm cleared by the doctor to drive now without glasses.  As a transportation planner, I wonder just how low is the threshold for sight in a driving permit????


Vision Exam
Your eyes will be tested by means of a mechanical device. The minimum acceptable vision is 20/60 in one eye, with or without corrective lenses, and a field of vision of, at least, 140 degrees. Upon failure of the field vision exam the applicant will be required to have a DS-274 completed by a licensed practitioner.

As I've always heard: "Blind in one eye, can barely see out of the other..." You'll be g
Tires/Suspension C14 / Re: Traxxion Front Springs
« Last post by connie_rider on Yesterday at 05:44:02 pm »
Before watching the one Doug posted, I watched "Suspension" and watched Chapter 1, Reality Check and several chapters that do basic explanations of the components.

I've now started watching the one Doug posted, but now paused as I was in brain overload. {It's 1 hr-48 min. long...}
It's all really interesting, and I think' I'm learning quite a bit.
I recommend these as Max does a good job of explaining things.

Ride safe, Ted
Southeast Events / Re: Beat The Summer Heat 2019 Conundrum
« Last post by Volcantour on Yesterday at 04:41:10 pm »
Not sure if I can make it or not. Planning to ride the Trans-America Trail from the AR-OK border back to NC (Andrews, NC to be specific) during the two weeks prior.  :??:

Not to get off track here, the TAT crosses AR about 15 miles north of me. The TAT Shack is just a hour or so north west of here. Stopped by there a couple weeks ago for the 1st time.

Now back to our regular programming!  :)

What programming?? This is a non-Rally rally page, after all!
We'll see about attendance. Have a bundle expected to arrive at my son's house in that time frame.....
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