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Concours 14 / ZG1400 General Chat and Tech / No slack in throttle
« Last post by RoadKillHeaven on Yesterday at 08:30:13 pm »
Many are familiar with somewhat jerky low speed throttle response C14 has.
Make sure throttle cables have absolutely no slack after adjusting.

Riding Gear / Re: Shoei Neotec 2
« Last post by Pittsburgh_Clem on Yesterday at 07:28:25 pm »
Looks like the new SENA is still not available in my area yet
Concours C10 / ZG1000 General Chat and Tech / Re: Radiator Hoses
« Last post by MAN OF BLUES on Yesterday at 07:02:16 pm »
I think the shorter/straighter one goes to the Log,
the next longer/bent one to the waterpump end of metal pipe
and the longest/most bent one to the radiator/metal pipe from waterpump
Concours C10 / ZG1000 General Chat and Tech / Re: C10/gtr1000 front end swap?
« Last post by esmoojee on Yesterday at 06:57:30 pm »
I put a 2000 Yamaha R1 front end on my C10. I had a custom stem made and I pressed it in myself. I have a shop press. I will say, it dropped the front end down a couple of inches. I’m not really a fan, especially riding with a backpack so i’m going back to stock forks with sonic springs, 15wt oil, a brace and a 17” ZX6D rim. 
My plan was not to pull the forks, I just wanted to re-grease the bearings but are you saying it can’t be done unless I pull the forks?

read what I responded to on the 'tool' question, and also about removing forks... which I highly suggest... just greasing the upper bearing is not conducive to effective maintenance.. seeing as the weight of the bike is sitting on the bottom bearing...

hope this helps
Torque was finger tight on the 900. And it's good. Triple tree doesn't rattle when going across bumps.

comparing apples to bowling balls there Tim... :))

The KZ's stem bearings look like Bicycle bearings in comparison to the C14..

 :rotflmao: :rotflmao: :rotflmao:

as for the process, IMHO I am keeping the ball bearing style on mine, as the tapered roller type do add a higher friction factor, and also as noted require them to be done by "feel", not torque... but, the method Kaw shows for replacement of the ball type, with a new, same style, and the torques they spec, are not what I consider as "good practice", or even desired.
I know some folks did replace them, and if they are happy with the outcome, all good for them.

as for trying to do it without dropping forks, my advice is NO, don't consider it. The top tree has to be completely removed anyways, to get to the stem nuts, and top seal/bearing. Dropping the tree is the logical way, and offers much less cursing during the withdrawl of the stem, and service of the lower bearing and sea, or even inspection and re grease of same. Finally, when re adjusting them, having the forks and stuff off, is the method you need to follow, because the 'torque' they spec is very touchy on the ball style bearing, and any additional parts hanging off the bike, like forks and stuff, will play havoc getting the adjustment correct.
If you didn't install new bearings, just cleaned and greased the originals, the torque is like 17 ft/lbs, so don't go hog wild, and crank them up to the way they explain in the manual, and then back off, as that will damage the old bearings if done.
There are a couple stem tools floating around, but the kaw book actually shows the adjustable spanner type, which McMaster Carr sells, for very cheap,(well, not so cheap anymore, after checking prices... OMG) and delivers in like 2 days MAX. You then need to use a 'fishing scale' on the handle of the wrench when tightening, accordingly to give the correct torque.

if someone has the socket handy, please take a measurement of the Outside diameter of the tool, and post it, I can't find mine right now,
but will link the McMaster Carr spanner page for selection..

match up a spanner based on the nut o.d.

all in all, it's not a 'quick' job, and if you go replacing bearings, becomes even more time consuming, due to the tools you need to figure out, for the removal of the OEM races, and installing the replacements without damaging them. Without all that stuff preplanned, and available right there at hand, that job will roll over into a 2 day affair, or more, with the bike on a lift.
Southeast Events / Re: Barbers Registration
« Last post by Tinsailor on Yesterday at 06:15:44 pm »
Ok, we got everything in order. Lot B camping passes were still available as of this morning.
Texting is so bad that riding in many parts of a city is not an option. Rush hour traffic is like playing FROGGER in real life. 
Southeast Events / Re: Barbers Registration
« Last post by MotoCommuter on Yesterday at 05:53:10 pm »
Tim called me this morning and I think I answered all his questions and he is planning on being there  :beerchug:


Also, as this a none riding event, we usually start off with a typicle morning libation.  :great:
Other Motorcycles / Re: 1983 GL650 Silverwing Interstate Project Pics
« Last post by Stasch on Yesterday at 04:26:52 pm »
What did you use to seal the connections?
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