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It sounds like the KIPASS activation switch under the stove-knob key is stuck.  This was an issue on some early production bikes.  Search K-Rock as Big K said

See reply 11 below. The plug he mentions in point 3 is grey in colour.
  If you didn't have a hydrolock episode you got real damn lucky and didn't destroy an engine!!  All those things you say you did to prevent hydrolock can happen again. :'(

   You real need overflow tubes to keep the fuel from getting into the cyls. New float valves can hang up !! >:(
Concours C10 / ZG1000 General Chat and Tech / Re: 1999zg1000
« Last post by John on Today at 01:53:46 am »
The bike was running when put up 9 years ago. I drained carbs and gas was clear and I put new battery in.
If your looking for an easier way to put air in your tire try this.

Accu-gage - Chek A Spare, Valve Extender


+1, excellent solution.
Rallies, Rides, and Events / Re: National lodging opinions
« Last post by gsjay on Today at 01:23:34 am »
Stopped at the campground this weekend...……

Grass looks nice.

Walking distance to Pizza Shop, Convenience store, beer store and restaurant. this is in addition to the Bar/Restaurant onsite at the campground.

Nice backroad ride coming south out of the campground back to Williamsport.

Book those sites!
Concours C10 / ZG1000 General Chat and Tech / Re: 1999zg1000
« Last post by batboy on Today at 12:53:36 am »
I would bet money the carburetors are gummed up if it has sat for 9 years. As for why the spark issues, I have no clue.
Other Motorcycles / Re: VFR tattoo
« Last post by gsun on Today at 12:25:56 am »
Other Motorcycles / Re: New set for my FZ1 -- after 20K on Pilot Power 2CTs
« Last post by gsun on Today at 12:25:07 am »
2CTs are good tires. I had a set on the C-14 when I got it but they didn't last long as the bike is so heavy. You should stick to them if you got that kind of mileage. Others may disagree....
Northeast Events / Re: Ct Riders Monthly Dinner
« Last post by Ratsac on Yesterday at 11:59:06 pm »
Hi i would love to make it, work permitting as I'm on call.
i Would be coming from Brewster NY,
North Central Events / Re: BLACK HILLS RIDE --- TAKE 3 --- SEPTEMBER 17 2018
« Last post by SteveJ. on Yesterday at 11:52:05 pm »
Looks like a good facility. Nice work.!

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