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Other Motorcycles / Re: new toy? should I do it?
« Last post by Jorge on Yesterday at 10:06:06 pm »
Rich, really cool project.
Those were beautiful then, and they are just as pretty today.
If I knew you better, I would have made the same... offer as Steve did!
Friend from Indiana had one of those, in mint condition. Had it for sale, had a "buyer" come by, and took it for a test ride - I think he's still testing it  :-[

I think with the lower fairing it looks especially nice. Keep us posted!

Concours C10 / ZG1000 General Chat and Tech / Re: Close to panic
« Last post by Bob_C_CT on Yesterday at 10:02:29 pm »
I follow Buds son's technique. Hit kill switch and leave in gear. Is there any problem using kill switch all the time? I find it easier than using the key switch.
Rallies, Rides, and Events / Re: Aim Expo Vegas Baby
« Last post by Jorge on Yesterday at 09:57:11 pm »
Give me a couple of years... ;)
Concours C10 / ZG1000 General Chat and Tech / Re: Engine temp gauge wrong
« Last post by Jorge on Yesterday at 09:56:25 pm »
Hi Derrick,
I had a similar issue.
I replaced the sender, checked all the wiring, the gauge, and everything looked fine, except reading was way low.
Finally, when it was at SIFSs getting some "upgrades", I asked him to look into it.
He found that the thermostat housing did not have a good ground.
Lots of possible causes, but the one he found is one I was unable to find - I suppose that says something about Stev'e diagnostics capabilities compared to mine ;)
the 'relay' box I noted, is the solid state relay box, under the seat... the one with 3 harness' running into it, that is the one that had shown a displaced wire (pushed back out of the plastic shell) when it was inserted... check that closely... the individual "mechanical relays" were not what I was talking about.

SISF was pulling his hair out once, trying to find a cause for a 'drain', and stumbled upon this as a cause...(he was trouble shooting a chattering Throttle sensor, that was cycling with the bike off...)
I admit, it takes a bit of chasing, but he's a tenacious critter... and found it.
Also, maybe completely disconnecting that Rostra, all the power leads, and see what happens, I assume you are using a relay of some sort in that circuit, which may be hanging...
best of luck chasing this one down, keep at it, AND report... thanks,

SEE the attached page about the relay box.. below,
and also, maybe pull the battery, and pull the main relay out (behind the battery) to see if it de'energizes, and resets... may also do diagnostics on that per the FSM. It may be failed, and staying latched also...

Have you ever had your carbs serviced and re-jetted and overflow tubes installed? Sounds like the answer is no because your mileage was never that good to begin with so I assume you are stock and you have not had your carbs correctly done.
Just the fact that you have carbs means they need and require periodic servicing and if you do not have over flow tubes  then you are currently at risk of hydro-locking your engine.
2010 C14 and this bike has never giving me a problem.
Check battery voltage & connections and they seemed fine. Do you think this was just a fluke or is there something else I need to check.

I did put in a brand new battery two weeks ago.


new battery install...

the term "check/checked", is a misnomer.... unless every connection, both the lugs on the battery, and every termination on a cable, or frame ground where a ring lug attaches is "removed, and abrasively cleaned (i.e. sand paper and shiny), and reconnected, the 'check' is a a visual misnomer.

you may have some harness issue, or other issue, that is related to something you may have 'added' to the bike also, but primarily it's the invisible resistive coating, that prevents perfect current flow.

when the bike starts, flip over to the battery charging screen on the LCD, and watch it as you ride a bit, and see if the charging and voltage stabalize within a few minutes, and settle at 14v while riding above 2k rpm. and also what it is at idle.
and external volt/ohm meter won't tell you charging status, just zero load voltage on the battery.
Introductions / Re: Introduction
« Last post by Jorge on Yesterday at 09:00:44 pm »
Hi Anthony,
Welcome to the forum.
2010 had big changes in fairing and a few other items. 2011 made ABS standard. There are a few 2010s out there that don't have ABS, so if having ABS is important to you (it was to me), and you come across a 2010, make sure it has it.
2015 had some more changes, but I think less dramatic than 2010/2011.

Happy hunting!

without going into the 'flash' zone, as I own an '08, bought new in '07.... and still have not flashed it yet...
I can say the best 'tune' you can do, is to complete a valve inspection/adjust, set them all to the high end within the spec, replace your air filter, and keep doing so at 20k or less intervals, and do a throttle body synch/balance at the time you do the other items...

Unless you are driving uphill into a head wind, the whole ride, you should easily get 44 mpg or better, slabbing it, and go 230 miles easily between fillups...(the low fuel warning light comes on when you have another 3/4 + gallon left...)

as for the flash, well, you can expect improvements over what I note positively.... but start with the things that need to be done first, to get the maximum from the flash... he will tell you that for certain.
Fuel Mileage is very subjective . Will a tune help ? Yes I saw better mileage with Steve's mountain runner tune but as I said its subjective.
 Example :  I filled up last week and rode a very slow ride following some friends (one of which was a lady on a Harley)  I had my wife on the back and some weight in my bags. All we did was putt around . Ended up with 56 mpg. This was calculated not an estimate.  The next day I was with a buddy no passenger,no bags and running very spirited in the mountains (dragon) and when on the Hwy I was running ,lets say, a bit over the speed limit.  Ended up with just under 45mpg .  So you see its a spread.  Cooler weather seams to bring my mileage down some too. as do head winds, tall windshields ect..
 I can run well over 200 miles on a tank but to say I can get to 225 with some reserve? There again its all in the conditions.
 I think Steve's tunes are very thought out and as I said will improve youre MPGs . Dont know about Ivan's.
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