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That mill is just "too" clean.
I don't see old metal shaving scattered everywhere!

Ride safe, Ted
Accessories C14 / Re: Rear fender NOW GROUP BUY!!!
« Last post by connie_rider on Today at 02:05:26 pm »
Wasn't having much luck finding a Vendor in USA that could/would work with us.
Asked a friend in Eu to contact the Supplier to see if they can/will work with us, and to see if they have a representative in the USA.

More later.
 Ride safe, Ted
Tires/ Suspension C14 / Re: Ohlins fork spring for GTR 1400
« Last post by ZG on Today at 01:36:26 pm »
Chinese, I sent a note to ZG to ask him.
I think he had the Ohlins on his bike.
Not sure whom else has them.

Watch and see if he replies..

Ride safe, Ted

Sorry Ted, I don't recall what springs I ran in the forks, been too long ago for this old memory...  :truce:

Good luck to the OP, enjoy that new gold!  :great: :great:
Accessories C14 / Re: Anyone Have Handguards Installed?
« Last post by sam_uk on Today at 12:50:03 pm »
Ile check tomorrow but i think mine are the universal fittment wich allow for a bit ao adjustment STM-007 I think you can choose which covers you want
Cool stuff guys!
Accessories C14 / Re: Anyone Have Handguards Installed?
« Last post by ghostrider990 on Today at 12:06:17 pm »

Thank you.

Quick search found them on Revzilla:

Can anybody comment on the correct bar size for the C14??


 m,  the T500 has history with me as had a 68 model  in 70 and decades later a '70 in 1998 or so.
 Lots of media available on the t500

picked this up from deland, fla. winter project. 72 t-500.

should be ready by early spring.

(so, i transported it and took a short vacation with the girlfriend.)

who remembers the 'horse shoe' headlights?

Looking like I’m going to have to stay in the area due to work.   >:(. Was anyone riding out from Tucson area?  If I can find someone to cover down for me I maybe able to squeeze it in and leave late morning of Thursday.  Won’t know until tomorrow evening. :??:
I borrowed this trick from you C10 guys to get my Z1 900 on the center stand. It used to be I could put one of those on the center stand no problem. now that I'm old its not as easy as it was back  in the 70's. The C14 is easy without a board.  Tim
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