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Concours C10 / ZG1000 General Chat and Tech / Re: Removing Rear Wheel
« Last post by andyfield on Yesterday at 07:28:25 pm »
I do it the easy simple way. There are 4 bolts holding the final drive on.   Keep the rear tire/wheel mated to  the final drive.
Now when you pull the axle out the wheel and final drive roll  both out as one unit. No need to jack the back up higher to clear the rear fender or to clear anything else.  You get tons of extra room this way.
It is by far the easiest way plus your supposed to lube the  spline  so you need to remove the final drive anyway. Keep an eye out and check the O ring that is in there too.
Assemble in reverse order
I like easy. ;)

I'm taking it to the shop to have them put a new tire on.  Can they do it while it's attached to the final drive?  I'm all about easy, and I've got some old Honda Moly grease in the cabinet that needs to lube some splines. 
Rallies, Rides, and Events / Re: 2018 OtP XVI Is On!!!
« Last post by COG-528 on Yesterday at 07:12:50 pm »
1st OtP auction posted.

Really :confuse:  And just where might that be?  When I entered "OTP Auction" in the search bar everything that came back was from previous years.  :17:

Okay, I finally found it by going into your profile and looking at your recent posts.
Accessories C14 / Re: How much did you spend farkling your C-14?
« Last post by barberman on Yesterday at 06:59:14 pm »
Oh my you guys are in deep. I thought I was bad because I'll put off buying shoes, but when it comes to the bike it's like now.  I got a habit to support here".    But most of you guys here are are insane it appears. God bless your hearts. KJ
Gotta' chime in here,  the brakes on my 2012 were strange feeling at first, especially the rear. I could feel the pulse"  OH that's normal? And it felt dangerously weak.  Might as well drag yer feet.  BUT after several (6) total bleed outs, new pads, and 90% alcohol rub down on the rotors, the brakes work beautifully. No pulsing rear pedal. And firm consistent braking.  Not that i use them much. (Just letting of the gas a tad lets me blow through corners at twice the suggested "retail" speed. ha ha) KJ
COG Web & Forum Discussions / Re: problem with
« Last post by Rico on Yesterday at 06:10:50 pm »
Weird, My website is working fine except for the Calendar. Went to sign up for an event, nothing.
Read all the post, and the event isn't until April......but if I miss it, I'm going to be pissed! :))
Concours 14 / ZG1400 General Chat and Tech / Clutch Insights
« Last post by barberman on Yesterday at 05:58:08 pm »
Morning,  My 2012 14 has had that pesky, P.I.T.A. clutch bleeding problem since I bought it last March.  I did like 6 complete flushes, and bled like I was gonna' bleed out doing it. Two things I noticed were when I'd pull the clutch in -in gear, and revved it slightly, i could hear the driveline getting power (wanting to pull) Indicating more bleeding... I also noticed a bit of a "bump" when releasing the clutch on a downshift or hard excell. So after reading here that the clutch leaf torque springs may be compromised, I decided to open it up and replace them. But after close inspection I realized the torque springs weren't broken at all.  Well, when you remove the clutch cover inside (pressure plate) - the pressure is released from the clutch push rod and hydraulic pressure wants to push it out farther than normal.   Turned out that after pushing it back in a couple times (then re assembly) the clutch pressure was totally gone. So I bleed the top res. bleeder and get nothing. So I bleed the lower clutch slave cylinder -ONE pump, and the clutch comes back firmer than I've ever felt it. Now that little bump I used to feel is gone. And the clutch dragging is gone totally.  SO, my conclusion here is that I believe that slave cylinder can hold air more than regular bleeding can remove (even w/ a pump!). KJ
COG Web & Forum Discussions / Re: problem with
« Last post by lather on Yesterday at 04:50:10 pm »
Yeah, memberize is down. I've got a ticket in with them, and am trying to get an estimate on when they expect to have services restored.

In the mean time, DO NOT log out of the forum, you will not be able to login while memberize is down.
This may or may be relevent. Yesterday I renewed my membership. It took me 4 tries. The first 3 I got a generic error message but I read it mean my card was declined. I figured out that the first try my club first name does not match what's on my card (Bob vs Robert) I corrected that but still got the same error message two more times (I think) Sorry I did not capture the message. On the fourth try the error message was duplicate submission or something to that effect. Sure enough my credit card has duplicate charges pending. I have emailed Fred Boothe about this and expect he wil take care of it but thought the above might be helpful.
Accessories C14 / Re: lubbing the throttle cables
« Last post by JimBob on Yesterday at 04:20:58 pm »
Speaking of cable lubing......In my dirt bikes service manual (Yamaha), it specifies to NOT lube its cables.  It claimed the cables were teflon lined and any sort of lubrication would damage this lining, and ruin the cable. You dont suppose Kawasaki might do a similar thing?

Based on that , I wonder if we might be better off with one of the dry lubes, or to just leave them alone and replace as needed?

“Modern” cables are teflon lined. Saw the change starting in car throttle cables (and later in mountain bike cables) maybe 20 years ago...BUT...that doesn’t mean all cables are.

So *in general* lubing teflon cables *shouldn’t* be required. However, in my experience, even teflon cables can get sticky. A good clean/lube can make a difference. And on my ‘94 C10 it definitely needed it.

Installed my ECU which had been flashed by Steve (Mountain Runner Flash). Took the bike on on an approx. 200 mile ride here in the mountains near Colorado Springs & Canon City (this was yesterday - 65 degrees and full sun). I found the flash to be perfectly dialed-in... every gear and throttle combination I could find delivered perfect performance. I believe I averaged 42 mpg at a not too aggressive pace (I was riding two-up).

BTW - if there are Colorado Springs folks on this serve, reach out... Al
COG Web & Forum Discussions / Re: problem with
« Last post by Jorge on Yesterday at 04:15:27 pm »
Aw Come on Steve... anybody can turn in a ticket, it's just like picking up your laundry, right?  :breakcomp: :33:
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