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My day may have freed up so I’ll try to make it. Hopefully
Introductions / Re: New Concour Owner from Eastern Arizona
« Last post by Charby on Today at 12:57:36 am »
We're planning on having a Devil's Highway rally sometime this year. We do have a few 'Ride to Eat' get togethers throughout the year. I'm in Tucson so summertime we head north. A lot of fun people to ride with. A couple of them cause me to get into trouble.  >:D Dan
 Running CT since 2008 on 3 C10's.
 No flats yet but all tires are susceptible IMO.
Looking for an online source for the OEM brake pads with the wear indicators. I prefer pads with wear indicators but local dealer wants $80.00 for the rear.  $30 for aftermarket. Hoping there is a cheaper OEM source online, or an aftermarket with the wear indicator. 
Hey Deepsea, I couldn't agree more. LEO's have never bothered me. Even one day when I caught up to one way up in northern NY doing 20 over. By the time I saw the dark SUV had the light bar it was too late. I hung back 100 yds, resigning myself to doing the 5 over he was. Suddenly he signaled he was pulling to the shoulder. I thought, "oh boy, here it comes" well, he didn't pull back onto the road until I was at least a half mile ahead. As soon as I was out of sight around the next corner I ran it back up to 15 to 20 over and never saw him again. He basically saw me coming, and got out of my way. The coolest NYS trooper I never met. A very similar event happened to me in Iowa coming back from Colorado. On Rt80 again doing 15 to 20 over, in the third lane passing tractor trailers. A trooper doing a "U" pulled right behind me as I was beside a truck. I thought, "well he's got me" so I completed my pass and started pulling to the shoulder for my ticket, as he blew past intent on getting someone who had passed me a couple miles before. I've always thought my NYS plates would be a handicap espicially out of state, but they haven't so far. Of course the side bags and trunk dont hurt either.
As far as scraping pannels. Nope, maybe touched the pegs a time or two and my toes quite a bit. I T-boned a deer in spring or 16 without going down so I know just how expensive this plastic is. The Connie is the most stable bike I've ever ridden and a pretty tough cookie to boot. I destroyed the front fender, upper nose fairing and headlight assembly, both sides pannels, without damaging the brake lines, windshield, cooling system, suspension or electronics. ($3000 in parts) The trooper asked me how far I was from home. When I said about 50 miles he mentioned that was quite a ways. I said I can't ride this, the blinkers are dangling from the wires, (still working by the way) and the headlights were smashed out. He just looked to the sky and said, "well, the suns still up"... (another exellent NYS trooper in my book) I quickly checked for leaks and found none, the brakes were working, and she fired right up. I rode it to 20 and tried the brakes, which worked as they always did, and had no shimmy or nothing. Insurance covered me for $3800 so I actually made a bit. Of course thats cause I did the work myself, but in doing so I learned that these things are engineered insanily well. Well done Kawasaki! You've got a fan in me for the bike thats saved my butt more that once.
Hey Upstate, We are neighbors and honestly think its a NY thing. I ride per the conditions, road, weather and traffic. Doubling the speed limit is nothing for me. I know I have been spotted doing 20 over and given a free pass. I think its partly the bike. had I been on the CBR 1000 it would be a different story..
Concours 14 / ZG1400 General Chat and Tech / Re: No power for GPS
« Last post by chamberlincalls on Yesterday at 11:46:51 pm »
I had a similar intermittent issue, turned out to be the accessory relay, hand written note in my shop manual shows part # 115706, not sure but I think that is correct.  Replaced and never occurred again.
Think I saw mine on at 95 once..
now that's the spirit!
Concours 14 / ZG1400 General Chat and Tech / No power for GPS
« Last post by Rock on Yesterday at 11:34:17 pm »

Again, I've got no power to my GPS. No blown fuse like previously. All fuses good. New GPS. Works fine in car. No illumination on the bulb for the plug in on the GPS cord.

I know I'll probably have to go into the plastic on the right side
Anyone had similar experience with the OEM power outlet giving up? What to look for? I have warranty until Sept 2018 but hate to have to take it to a dealer. Bike is 2013 with 25K now. Bike runs great. No other issues.

I hate electrical stuff!  >:(

I just bleed the brakes more often. Someone mentioned that to turn the key to the on position and to cycle the ABS unit so it would allow fresh fluid through the ABS pump. I did that and the fluid was clear as a bell when I did the bleeding. I saw no differences in fluid color.

I have some more DOT-4, going to do the fronts again for my May trip coming up. Just did the clutch and rear.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^interesting info above, thanks for sharing I will do some research on that.
Yeah, and SISF videos show it CAN be done by handling it 'just right'. I want it easier to put back on without the gasket getting wonked up.
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