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Kee-rection; EDIT: I can see it when looking at the bike, but the pix make it more obvious that I need to get some silver paint and touch up the caps on the carb plugs to make them more "presentable." I could have soda blasted them, but decided against it.  
   Clean up the faded old engine... Dhoo!  <evil grin>

PS: You obviously have plenty of time. Why don't you cleanup my faded old engine while your not doing anything?

Ride safe, Ted
Does Larry Buck (Buck Sport Touring) ship internationally?  Might be worth a try.
Introductions / Re: New C14 Owner!
« Last post by connie_rider on Yesterday at 04:40:09 pm »
If ya'll keep working at it, someday you might hurt my feelings.   :nananana:

Keith, {ignore them} their just jealous of my extremely good looks and pleasing personality.   :stupid:

Since your in the DFW area, plan on being at Cliffs in April for his event.
    You'll really enjoy riding the area, {and he's buying the beer}
There's a chance that Sport Rider will be there too.
    If so, you can ignore him {like the rest of us}, while he pays for the steak.

PS: Bring camping gear and Tornado proof underwear. {Cliff always arranges a twister or 2 while we're there}.

Ride safe, Ted
That's ok,,, I don't mind being {called} old and slow.
I admit it, I don't want to go to jail. {again}
That makes me a better representative of the other "honest" folks that are trying to decide which flash to buy.

For those of you that ride with your hair on fire,,,, this thing is fast, accelerates like a bullet!   :rotflmao:
For those of you that {like me} don't have a lot of hair to burn, this thing is smooth.. {great thru the curves and in traffic)
 [which {not mentioning any names} make's you faster {with more control in the curves} than the liars out there]    :nananana:

Ride safe, Ted
Does anyone know of a supplier of tail brights for C10 in the UK or Europe? I also need the same for my Givi Maxia E55 top box.

I have been searching the web, but keep getting back to 'MotoReflective, MotoEquip and Realtime industries' . They all look like they sell a good product based on 3M reflective tape, but they are all in the US and don't have international shipping.
antlers and saddlebags are now gone (sold) the Rifle windshield system is still available
Concours 14 / ZG1400 General Chat and Tech / Re: Another Rostra wiring question...
« Last post by BDF on Yesterday at 01:18:32 pm »
Yeah, the sensor is a very simple mount and I doubt you did anything that is causing it to [not] read. Very easy to check though: that sensor is what the bike uses to display speed on the speedometer; throw the bike up on the centerstand, start it and gently let the clutch out (lean well forward on the bike so the rear tire is kept in the air) in first gear.... if the speedo reads anything, the VSS is working correctly. If there is a problem, the tach. will show the engine speed but the speedo will sit on the zero stop and not move at all.

Once in a while, some have had some trouble with wiring a Rostra into the VSS and caused the VSS to fail electrically. Not common but it does happen now and then and is quite easy to do (letting the pink wire touch anything grounded for example). So if the speedomometer test shows there is no signal from the VSS, you may have to replace it. Now that the bike has been out so long, those sensors are usually avaiable very inexpensively from salvage yards so not all that horrible a think really.

Again, best of luck and please do let us know how it ends up for you or if you cannot get around this problem.


Thanks Brian, yes that is a good point.  I had a a few ground connections to the chassis so I moved them to black/yellow.
I still can't get the diagnostic light to blink while spinning the rear wheel.
I will try the voltmeter test; unfortunately, my voltmeter didn't come with the alligator clips and since I don't have a third hand, I'll have to go pick some up.

I started wondering if there is something wrong with placement/orientation of the sensor.  I did remove the sensor to attach the gray wire to the pink wire and then put it back.
Seems like something that I couldn't screw up because there is only one bolt and one way to reinstall; but I could check that too.

Thanks again,
Somehow,,, I think the topic has shifted from the Mountain Runner Flash to pick on Ted...   :'(
  Not sure why I got that idea??   :41:

Cliff, I did tell you I had one. You wuzn't listening. {again}   :P
I also told you I wuz having to test it in Houston, (which sux) and you could try it when I come up there..   :nananana:

NOTE: The barn & cold cereal is fine with me; as long as I get to ride Arkansas!!   :motonoises:

Ride safe, Ted

 My wife says I only half listen. Okay since I was ignoring you, uh I mean not listening you can sleep in the house & have hot meals  :).

  Ted came in right near the tail end of development, he was really miffed that you dog him so bad in the Arkansas curves, and he needed me to do some work on 5th gear for him specifically to be able to stay up with you. I am not a miracle worker, but I sure tried to speed him up, Cliff .  :motonoises:  Steve

I always ride slow when Ted's with me, just don't tell him that.

Okay, back to regularly scheduled programming. Sorry to OP & Steve for the slight derailment.  :-[

I'll be getting this flash done once my bike is current on service this winter. Waaay past due & I mean waaaaaay past. It should be in good tune before a reflash to make a fair judgement.

Cliff  :beerchug:
Concours 14 / ZG1400 General Chat and Tech / Re: Valve shim differences ?
« Last post by The Pope on Yesterday at 01:00:08 pm »
Shims for a ZX14 will work.

You can order individual sizes here:
Introductions / Re: New C14 Owner!
« Last post by Just Cliff on Yesterday at 12:54:26 pm »
Welcome Kenny.  The best part of COG is our events and activities, so try to get out an meet club members in person.  You're also fortunate that the next national rally will be in your neck of the woods.  it's a great way to get the whole COG experience.

Stay away from Ted though.  you'll end up volunteering for all kinds of stuff!   :))
Your gonna like I there...
Don't let this guy that talks funny scare you away. He is like Kenny on South Park, you hang out with him long enough you will understand what he is saying. :rotflmao:

Grats on the bike Keith.

Welcome aboard.

What they said about Ted!

Cliff   :beerchug:
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