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Stick with it. I bled and bled and bled. Air in the master cylinder was killing me. I help the brake lever open for multiple nights before I got the air out.
As for the brakes not feeling as tight; you had a bad caliper to start. Are you wanting to feel a sticky piston creating additional braking force? My lever pressure was much lower. Once on the road I realized i had plenty of brake pressure.
You'll get there. It just takes more time than anyone wants to put in!

No...I don't think I'm getting as much brake force as I did before because brake lever use to firmed up pretty quickly as the brake was applied.  It was a very slow leak but had been there a while from the mess it made.
Don't think the piston was that bad from reading other peoples experience. 

As mentioned, my pads and disc were very dirty with brake fluid.  When I rebuilt the calipers, I did not clean the pads well enough.  I did clean the disk with brake cleaner.  As noted the "grip" and "pressure" seemed weaker.  Since I probably cleaned the disc better than the pads, it lost the grip (gum on gum) if that makes sense. 

So I took the pads off and tried a method I read about which included me cleaning the pads with brake cleaner, soaking them in denatured alcohol, lighting them on fire (briefly) and then block sanding them a bit to knock the residue off.  I cleaned the discs again with steel wool and alcohol as well.  The result is that the brakes grip really good now but the lever pressure is still squashy (I can bring the lever close to the grip).  That said, I can almost lock up the front brakes.  So I was able to solve part of the problem but still believe I have air in the lines.  Still have not done the reverse bleed yet but will. 

Thanks for the input!
Northwest Events / Re: Bob Rainey's I-Hop ride
« Last post by Grant on Today at 02:46:52 am »
Some of the scratches buffed out but it looks like I'm going to buy some paint. The part of the mirror that broke is the pivot point. The bag looks pretty good actually except one deep scratch.

In that case I think I have what you need  :) send me a PM and I will get it sent off to you :motonoises:
Introductions / Re: Greetings from new old(er) guy
« Last post by MtnRider on Today at 02:45:43 am »
Hey Scott, welcome from another CO old guy. I just got my C14 2 months ago. Where are you located? I'm in Littlton  and should be able to help out on garage space for some bike work.

Make sure you get 2 syringes, one to push fluid in from the bottom and one to suck fluid out of the reservoir. Do not let it overflow. Start by sucking out the fluid to make room for the new.  Make sure you do both calipers. Go slow the hole in the reservoir is tiny.

Sometimes you can not push the air bubble down the line to have it come out the caliper. The air bubble should work its way to the top of the lines and as you work the lever it will vent into the reservoir. That is why you can tie back the lever over night and get back the firm lever. You are holding the brakes on long enough for the air to make it to the top of the lines, then the pistons push back some fluid and vent the air. Some times it needs help by back bleeding.

When I worked in general aviation we always bleed brakes from the calipers to the master cylinder.
Northwest Events / Re: Bob Rainey's I-Hop ride
« Last post by TimR on Today at 02:32:49 am »
I didn’t do it!

No bag explosions either.   ;)
I stand corrected. The petcock can leak into just the #2 cylinder from the vacuum line. It will usualy cause the one cylinder to run rich at idle but may run ok at higher rpm. The bike can handle the extra fuel at higher rpm. It may be the source of low mpg. If the tank sits for a longer time the leak at the petcock will use more gas but you might not notice the small leak as fluid dripping. The petcock has a small vent in one of the sides look for any sign of gas at the vent
Introductions / Greetings from new old(er) guy
« Last post by Scott T. on Today at 02:09:32 am »
Hello from the great state of Colorado.  I am a new (to me) C10 owner (2005) and back on a bike after 25 years.  That's what happens with kids, job, etc... but now that they are grown, well, I'm sure you understand.
First, I must say how impressed I am with the incredible group you have here, tons of knowledge and a sense of community that i find inspiring.  It's nice to see people willing to share their knowledge and experience with others and help out a newbie when they ask. 

I searched for a bike for months and for some reason kept coming back to the various C10's I saw for sale. Not sure why, maybe the look, the mix of sport and long distance capability, but I was repeatedly drawn back to them time and time again.  Who knows but why fight it? I found a 2005 that seemed in good shape, a few bumps and bruises but it ran well and I liked it... that's all that mattered.   Surfing and lurking in this forum gave me confidence that I was making the right choice.  When I drove her home from the dealer, 50 miles on the interstate, i was expecting I would be very nervous after such a hiatus but found the bike to be forgiving and right at home at freeway speed.  A recent MSC made me realize that the skills come back despite the time.  I rode for years in my 20's and had dirt bikes as a teen in So-Cal.   

A thorough inspection at home revealed a few surprises;  K&N air filter, fairly new Z rated Avon Spirits, and hallelujah, carb overflow tubes. (at least I think they are there...drain hoses are attached and i can blow through them without obstruction which i think was the suggestion i read here on how to check).  Don't know who did them but it's nice to know they are there.
I have been perusing the various suggestions for maintenance and am comfortable with wrenching most of the simple stuff.  Being in a condo with a parking garage makes REAL maintenance impractical but we'll see what i can get away with.
I've been riding around in the mountains and it's therapeutic meandering the back roads.  I'd like to find a group but for now the solitude is peaceful. 

Forgive me if I don't post much, i am a notorious lurker in forums and rarely post unless i have something profound to say,  which is rare... :-X . I just wanted to say hi and introduce myself.  Forum subscriber for now...likely will upgrade in the near future. 
Southwest Events / Re: Welcoming Other area Members
« Last post by Charby on Today at 01:57:24 am »
Pass along if they are coming thru Tucson they have a place to stay and hopefully many laughs.
Northwest Events / Re: Bob Rainey's I-Hop ride
« Last post by Charlie_Gary_AAD on Today at 01:52:03 am »
I didn’t do it!
Southwest Events / Welcoming Other area Members
« Last post by Old Man on a Connie on Today at 01:41:40 am »
There is a Man and his faithful sidekick that will be touring the Utah area upcoming.  They are Fred and Doug from the SC area in Tejas. These gents were such a great help for the SW area in our struggles to regain our status. Please welcome them, support them, provide them with shelter and friendship. As with all visitors to our awesome roads and vistas. Be a COGer! Do what you do! As we do to all of our visitors. We are there for ya! Have a blast gent's.
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