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Concours 14 / ZG1400 General Chat and Tech / Re: Smoking C14
« Last post by MAN OF BLUES on Today at 12:10:36 am »
I neglected to clarify the path, after it goes into the dowel... my bad... did I do ok on the other 'splainin' tho?

 :rotflmao: :rotflmao: :rotflmao: :rotflmao:

time for some soup, and TV, for me.... :57: :08: :bedtime2:
Ride Reports, Roads, Routes, and Places / Re: Mexico
« Last post by SteveJ. on Today at 12:04:07 am »
Maybe you could organize a group to ride down there with you.  You can be the tour guide for those with no travel experience in Mexico.  Sounds like you're having a great time!  Still want to see some of the food you're eating down there. :great:

Hmmm... This is something that I would really have an interest in doing.
Concours 14 / ZG1400 General Chat and Tech / Re: Smoking C14
« Last post by Steve in Sunny Fla on Today at 12:01:52 am »
:great: :great: :great: :great: :great: :great: :great: :great: :rotflmao:

  The exception being that the oil is never getting into the cylinder, so it's not being burned in compression. It flows down the pair port to the backside of the exhaust valve in the exhaust port, and of course smokes it up from there.  ;) Steve
There was never a need for head bearings service.
The problem was with tires.
It is all sorted now.

Good luck and Good night!
thats gnarly. details or link?

I have to give credit to Jim Snyder...he built it...I just bought the’s a 2002...

17” front 320mm rotors (ZX-1000?)...radial mount calipers (Maybe the same ZX-1000?)...steel braided brake lines...

It’ll make that bright red light on the instrument cluster come on under hard braking...DAMHIK

I’m happy.
Tires/Suspension C14 / Re: Front end shake after replacing front tire
« Last post by RoadKillHeaven on Yesterday at 11:49:21 pm »
Two Shinko F016 and still had shimmy. Replaced it with BT016. My bike is good ol' itself again. No snimmy, smooth as tranquil sea.

P.S. After reading all there was available ONLINE about front end shimmy. I know now with 100% certainty that majority of posters know exactly square root of diddly squat.
 And like Napoleon Bonaparte once said, "If you want something done right, do it yourself. "

Good luck and Good night..

Accessories C14 / Re: Auxiliary Light mounts
« Last post by Big Brian on Yesterday at 11:38:08 pm »
MARCH 20, 2019 update

One of my initial purchasers just reported the protruding nubs on the top face do NOT work with his C14. I haven't heard from any others as yet, but I shut down the eBay link until I insure everyone who bought a set is happy.

My test beds were only two bikes, my own 2008, and a 2013 belonging to a riding buddy. Needless to say, both bikes accepted the prototypes with no fit issues or I'd have never offered these to others. Any early-adopter who DOES experience an issue will get a proper replacement or a refund as they wish.

More to come as this is resolved I'm sure.


You informed me that I got set #2 I will check fitment this weekend and let you know.
Concours C10 / ZG1000 General Chat and Tech / Re: Motorcycle lift 99 concours
« Last post by Bud on Yesterday at 11:34:34 pm »
I can sell anything to anyone if I believe in the product I'm selling.  You won't find me pushing stuff I don't believe in.  If somebody took my lift, there's gonna be trouble. :-\ ;D
I selected to bill a credit card on file, put a check mark in the I agree box and clicked submit.  Nothing happened, so I don't know if I'm registered or not.
Tires/Suspension C14 / Re: Penske Traxxion Remote Reservoir Mounting
« Last post by Jeffrey on Yesterday at 11:33:40 pm »
Looking at the pictures of the older bikes, it is apparent that some where along the line, kawasaki changed the pillion mounting bracket bolt spacing.  Looks like kawasaki also changed the length of the hardware.  As you can see from my picture, the bolts are space further apart.  Also notice that the front bolt barely comes flush with the frame of the bike.  The rear bolt protrudes much more because it is the bolt that came with my canyon cages.  Even if Traxxion provided the mount with the correct hole spacing, it still isn't a workable mount because of the hardware.  And even then, i'm not thrilled with hose clamps.  I'm working on a solution, but it will have to wait until Sunday.

on a side note, how do you put the image in the body of the message, instead of attaching it as a separate file?

[img]   [img]
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