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Introductions / Re: New member seeking advice on purchase this Tuesday
« Last post by Richard on Yesterday at 08:50:28 am »
Cinci back to Louisville. Around Louisville some.
Interesting question, OP.  Was it sand? Speed?

I see that the rider was in control of the motorcycle up to the moment of impact. The cause of his crash was his failure to steer the motorcycle after the unexpected loss of traction. He could have been hurt or stunned by the near highside, but the rider/bike did recover. Our pilot then ceases steering the bike in the following moments. After the slide he makes no attempt to turn the motorcycle. Then he runs off the road and hits something.
The rider was upright, stable, hands and feet on controls, and yet he rode straight off the road. If it were sand he would have fallen right there in the original slide. If it were speed he would have drifted off the road in a shower of sparks at maximum lean. Neither of those were the case here. He forgot to ride the bike when it mattered the most.
This could be any of us. We all have been that guy where we let panic and inaction turn us into a projectile. Don't be a projectile. Don't ever forget to ride the bike.

 Thanks for everyone who came, about 12 riders, 12 bikes.
 Lots of food to share. Plenty to converse about.
 Wow the weather was great!!!!
 Now let see some who are ready to host a ride this year.
 You can contact me or Charlie to get a ride on the calendar. Simple.
By the way Mike, you can become a member of this friendly forum for only 40 bucks a year and feel the warmth all year.
C14 is an absolute "no" for a first bike. It is very tall and very heavy with an awful lot of bodywork.
Don't forget that Earth's gravitational influence on new motorbikes goes as the square of the cost of replacement bodywork. Double that if you are a beginner...
North Central Events / Re: Moon Motorsports Open House, Monticello MN April 6th
« Last post by Brian on Yesterday at 01:45:48 am »
Im planning on going.

Will be my first COG event - looking forward to the season and meeting fellow Conours owners!

It will be nice to meet you.

Are you planning on meeting the group for breakfast?
The man was simply presenting an option for replacement hoses for his bike and offering to arrange a group buy.

So what happens, instead of just suggesting other options or offering up a thanks for the offer and then moving on some of you decided to take a backhand shot at his post and insult the man.  Believe me, it does not matter how many smiley faces you put in your post - a shot is a shot.

As an Assistant Area Director, I feel my responsibilities are to make people welcome and perhaps want to be a part of our organization. I doubt it will do any good, but I was embarrassed by the way he was treated and sent him my apologies.
Had an issue w/ AST 2+ years ago and decided then I would take my business elsewhere. Sounds like things are better/improved (good to hear), but I'm not much of a risk taker.
Oops 2018. Sorry. Let me check.
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