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Northeast Events / Re: Spring Fling 2018 Wellsboro, PA
« Last post by Pat and Sher in MA on Yesterday at 07:40:13 pm »
Just want to say Thanks to everyone involved in this Spring Fling. Things went great with only Saturday morning being a little damp.
Thursday & Friday were very good. The food and company were typical COG which means awesome and we hope everyone else had a
good time.

Thanks again to all who produced and attended the event  :great:   :beerchug:
Shoodaben Engineering / Re: What's old is new again
« Last post by connie_rider on Yesterday at 07:24:57 pm »
Steve, Pretty impressive.
Your offering a Flash for everyone's individual riding style, not just 1 size Flash fit's all..

But, this ain't fair..
   Now I gotta to wrap my "Old" brain around this "New" kind of plot.
          It has seems to have an accell plot "and" a decell plot?? 
             Don't recall ever seeing one of these before..
                       Arghhh!!!    >:(

Ride safe, Ted
I fabricated the Center stand foot yesterday. Hope to weld it tomorrow.
So far, so good... {finger's crossed}

Ride safe, Ted
Accessories C14 / Re: Radiator Guard; Frugal COGger style
« Last post by connie_rider on Yesterday at 06:34:59 pm »
My Frugal ($40) Radiator Guard came in recently.
Hope to install it tomorrow.
I was impressed by the looks. Will find out soon how it fits...

Les, I thought about removing the name, but the name can't be removed.
Not an airflow issue though. This thing will flow plenty of air as it has spacers that provide an air gap.

To the best of my knowledge, all C-14 radiators are the same.

Ride safe, Ted
Shoodaben Engineering / Re: What's old is new again
« Last post by Vic on Yesterday at 06:31:56 pm »
Hiya, Steve,

For the uninitiated and less familiar, would it be possible to request a list of your current available flash mods, and compare/contrast the differences?

I'd like improved throttle smoothness and perceived hp/torque increases, as I've read about for years, but I also like the idea of lowered fan start temps and better mileage, etc.

If I've somehow missed where this info can be found, please excuse my poor searching..  I've just decided I'm tired of procrastinating on getting one of your flashes done,  and I'd like some concise info that will help me to decide which best meets my needs. Thank you, kind guru of the COG!

(09 Connie- CA non-ABS, and bone stock, except for Brembo calipers)
Riding Gear / Re: Riding Boots- for wide feet
« Last post by AmphibSailor on Yesterday at 06:30:15 pm »
I'm in.  Going to try the Forma Adventure Lows.... :great:
Concours C10 / ZG1000 General Chat and Tech / Re: Mobil oil promo
« Last post by Cape Fear on Yesterday at 06:17:43 pm »
Another thanks to you DC Concours. I just bought a 5-qt can on Wednesday and still had the receipt laying here on my desk so I've already filed my claim.  :beerchug:
Interesting that you bring up the bearing grease. That is true. All of the DynoJet type dynos depend on how fast the drum is accelerated to the maximum speed (time and rpm). Ideally every drum weighs exactly the same, approx 760lbs, but for this to work with total accuracy there would need to be zero mechanical resistance to rotation. The sensors and software are so incredibly sensitive that even just a .1* change in bearing temp will effect readings. Even the tire temp will change the final reading because of resistance to roll. Want higher numbers? Make the run with a cold hard over inflated tire.

What I was hoping people would get from this is that a knowledgable "Operator" can easily inflate the Hp and Tq numbers in many ways. How quickly you twist the throttle, when you let it go, what gear is used, the temp of the fuel and especially what information is entered into the Dyno's system. There are many variables that can be manipulated.

Most pro engine builders only use a dyno with servo controlled throttle and for direct comparison of a single change to the engine.  Dyno's are great for indicating GROSS power but to get absolutely repeatable and accurate numbers would require a system that only the Pentagon can afford. It's why they use correction factors.
Concours 14 / ZG1400 General Chat and Tech / Standard Handlebar Width
« Last post by LES on Yesterday at 05:02:35 pm »
  What is the width of the standard handlebars on a 2012 C14?  Outside edge of one grip, to the outside end of the other grip?

  I need to move a 2012 C14 this week.  I'd like to buy a Canyon Dancer to use.  They come in different sizes for different handlebar widths.  Just need someone to measure the width on C14 so I know which strap to buy.  Doesn't have to be exact.  It's either the strap for 28" and below, or the next size up I expect.
  It's interesting that you would post this, as I just posted a dyno chart last night, and it's depicted in STD correction factor.

  The fact is that I agree with you, and STD is not a good factor to use. For that matter in my part of the world we would need almost "SUB" as a correction factor, because the humidity is so high that neither SAE nor STD reflect current conditions. In fact this week my AVERAGE condition was 29.90 barometer, 90*+, and 70* humidity. I had runs at 98*.

  Previously I depicted all my charts in SAE. Currently I use STD. Not because it's more accurate. It IS inflated. It IS part of the  "playing the dyno numbers" game. But I had to go to using STD because , well, "when in Rome, do as the Roman's do".

   I have posted that dyno's are not micrometers, they are yardsticks. In conversations with Dynojet, it depends which tech you talk to. One tech will hold the party line and say all dyno's read within 1/2 hp of each other. Maybe when they are crated at DJ, but certainly not in the field. I spoke to another tech who acknowleged the discrepancies, and he stated that even the grease in the drum's bearings will change readings, one dyno to another. 

   Regardless of these facts, some folks swear by dyno charts, and will even pick their performance farkles based on comparing dyno charts.  I have to accept that reality whether I agree with it or not to be competitive. If the competition uses STD as the correction factor and I depict in SAE, 99% of folks will just see that my numbers are lower. If I don't depict in STD at this point in time, it's like trying to run a sprint with my legs tied together... I lose before I even start.

  That said... I did start out depicting in SAE, so that tells you something about my most true intentions.

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