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Toby, The Green towel is a cooling towel, wet it, twirl it around and hang around the neck.
The pouch is a waterproof cellphone/MP3 player case.

Doug Meister
My reservations are made at the "Genetti" for the National..
              See ya'll there...

Ride safe, Ted
Rallies, Rides, and Events / Re: 2019 National Rally Location
« Last post by connie_rider on Yesterday at 08:07:01 pm »
With that info from Steve, I acted..   :stupid:

I just made my reservations at the "Genetti" for the National..
    Is it possible, I'm the first non rally team member to make them?

Ride safe, Ted

PS: Did the rest of ya'll notice Jason's  {#32} COG number?
I know 1;  The green cloth is to moisten and wear around your neck.
I suspect;  The plastic pouch could be used to store the pre-wetted green cloth when your not wearing it?

Ride safe, Ted
Accessories C14 / Re: Horn upgrade
« Last post by Hosspower on Yesterday at 08:02:56 pm »
The PIAA slims are really loud. I installed mine on Saturday inside the left fairing and I can say I am happy to have a helmet over my head when they go off. I can only imagine how loud the Stebel type horns must be.
I pulled into the driveway in Manhattan, KS at 3:57 p.m. Saturday, after having overnighted in OKC Friday night and enjoying a lunch visit with my daughter in Wichita earlier Saturday.  Connie never missed a beat.  780 miles each way to Kerrville and back, plus about 650 miles riding locally for a total of about 2200, averaging 43 mpg.  And a permanent smile on my face.  I agree with Ted's comment about people choosing not to attend due to the "heat" as it was hotter at home all week than it was in the hill country.  Not by much, but it just made the afternoon pool dip that much nicer. 

As with all four of the rallies I've attended now, I had a blast.  The roads were way better than anything I have locally, the food was great, the WWII museum in Fredericksburg was just an awesome experience, and the hotel staff did a great job IMO.  I could go on but you get the idea.

A huge THANK YOU to the rally staff for putting on a no-stress event for the rest of us.  I'm sure Williamsport will be a similarly great time.

BTW, I hate to display my ignorance here, but can someone enlighten me on two items that were in the swag bags?  First, the green cloth, and second, the clear plastic pouch.  Do they have a specific purpose?  What am I missing?  I can put the light, the pen, and the insulated bag to good use, but I'm at a bit of a loss on the other two items...



Accessories C14 / Re: Mo-Door opener
« Last post by Daboo on Yesterday at 07:05:07 pm »
On a more serious, or at least less frivolous note, I took the easy route for my garage door opener.  My tank bag has a pocket on the side.  I put velcro on the inside of the bag and on the door opener.  I can ride down the road toward my house and just press the side of the tank bag...and the garage door opens.  Simple.

Accessories C14 / Re: Mo-Door opener
« Last post by NukeWorker on Yesterday at 07:00:56 pm »
If your not afraid of messing with wiring, I went a different route.  I used the Auto-Switch , slightly cheaper and just as effective
I wasn't part of the group so I didn't get the $8.00 rate.  I paid the full $15 and felt it was worth it even at twice that.  Every exhibit was well done, perfectly laid out, and very educational.  The PT boat was almost an otherworldly experience.  To be able to see one of only two surviving PT boats left in the world with combat experience...well, I was numb.  I consider myself a WWII buff and I learned so much that on the way out I stopped and gave a donation.  This place is a gem; too bad it's located where it is.  It deserves a bigger audience.   

Whether they be military or civilian, we can never repay those who lived and died during this sad period. 

The Greatest Generation indeed... 
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