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Southeast Events / Re: 3rd Annual Sport-touring school at Jennings GP
« Last post by funsize on Yesterday at 10:38:30 am »
I'm in!  Finally!  I'm looking forward to this.

Concours C10 / ZG1000 General Chat and Tech / Lighting Pulsation
« Last post by Redbarron on Yesterday at 08:59:23 am »
Hello Everyone:

How is everyone doing? I hope well!!

Okay 2000 Connie my lights have been pulsing for over a year now seems worse when cold.

Old standard battery but cranks over fine cables are clean and tight, I even had the alternator checked okay and tried a spare for s&g's

I had to bypass the headlight relay because it failed I cut the blue wire at the j box and tied it to brown. Both my low and high beam are off of relays anyway.

My j-box was rebuilt a couple years ago and I replaced the 8 pin connector with a new one.

I'm thinking of performing a capacitance test on the battery and doing a voltage drop test between the white/w red wire and the brown.

If the ignition switch I have taken apart and cleaned and lubed by the way has an intermittent high resistants issue this should show it.

Also thinking about just bypassing the the brown wire to the battery hot while the bike is running.

Any thoughts or suggestions.

Thank You Signed RedBarron
Installed Projekt D helmet locks on the rack. They should be standard equipment. $65 and about 15 minutes.
Concours 14 / ZG1400 General Chat and Tech / Re: KIPASS
« Last post by Lee on Yesterday at 06:18:30 am »
Wait... if I disconnect and reconnect the wires then I can start the bike without a chip?..  which ones?
Northwest Events / Re: 2019 Canadian Motorcycle show
« Last post by Ken on Yesterday at 05:49:38 am »
We got passports last year for a ride at toad rock and it was cancelled.  Looks like a go for us!


any recommendations for lodging?  Canadian side vs. u.s.?   We will be coming from N E Oregon.           
Southwest Events / Re: November ride?
« Last post by Charby on Yesterday at 03:33:06 am »
I am in for an overnighter.

Where you been Jim? Had a rally in Springerville last month and had a blast.
Accessories C14 / Re: Handlebars height and angle
« Last post by Inshan on Yesterday at 01:34:35 am »
I can tell you from experience, if you get handlebars that allow you to sit upright, you will probably also need a different seat. Sit upright and your butt will slide forward. You need the “straight arms” to hold you from the forward slide.

My bike has Horizon Helibars and I am experiencing this symptom.  My seat is the Kawasaki Touring seat. The seat padding is comfortable but the shape does not work well with the Helibars, for me.
Concours 14 / ZG1400 General Chat and Tech / Re: KIPASS
« Last post by MAN OF BLUES on Yesterday at 12:27:04 am »
besides sending them your ignition switch... and hoping it comes back, it's only providing a "temporary" immobilizer chip, which is not the same as a FOB, and cannot be trusted for longevity, and security.. it also requires 'scanning' that chip manually, every time you want to start the bike...  and anyone that sends those people their ignition switch, gets the exact same 'immobilizer chip' code programmed into the chip, rendering it the same as 'handing out fobs' to the whole worls.. i find that unnacceptable...

I sent you a link, for a KDS3 manual (it's an '08-'09 version) which should explain the temporary immobilizer thing to you. If you read it.

it's not a fix tho, it's a bandaid kluge, same as unplugging the grey harness connection and replugging it in and immediatly starting the bike.. just a waste of time. And for emergency use, not reliable everyday riding.
Welcome to the forum! I tipped my bike over on a long trip, however I had the canyon cages installed and the only thing damaged was my pride which was repaired as soon as I hit some winding roads. I use the SHAD 50L top box and it works great. I replaced the top rack with a metal one as the top box bounces and flexes a lot on the stock top rack.

Yes, that ugly poly adapter plate is an eyesore when your not riding with the top case. SW-Motech has a metal bracket/male locking point that takes a good 80% of the flex out of the equation. Twisted Throttle was usually OOS on this, I went looking for a link last week and couldn’t find it on the website, but I believe Phil got a bunch and will sell them with his beautiful rack....not exactly cheap, but worth his asking price IMO. Much, much better solution.
Accessories C14 / Re: Which slip-on?
« Last post by NYbiomed on Yesterday at 12:02:44 am »
Delkevic 17” Tri-oval.

Not the cheapest, but the best looking. Quality is there, quiet at idle, but some growl when ripping it, especially with the baffle out.

You can pay more for the AreaP, but unless your going with a full system, I don’t see the point.
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