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Introductions / Re: New Member in South Florida
« Last post by COG_Luddite on Yesterday at 12:51:05 pm »
I don't have much time to ride for the next two weeks, but I took her out on the slab for a 60mi shakedown cruise and all i can say is WOW! Comfy, wind management is good, much cooler to ride in the heat than the wing, and it was like riding a rocket... and pretty too. I can't wait to get out on some backroads.
Northeast Events / Left Right Up Down #3 [PA-MD]
« Last post by 4Bikes on Yesterday at 12:32:05 pm »
Don't miss the third running off Greg's awesome Left Right Up Down ride, Sunday August 26th.  :motonoises:  It kicks off with a Breakfast buffet at the Keystone Family Restaurant in Rouzerville,Pa. at 9 AM, followed by a scenic ride to Friendly's Restaurant in Gettysburg, Pa.

Link to Calendar

Route sheet and GPX files are attached......

I rode dirt bikes as a kid and teenager, then started riding sportbikes when I was 18 or 19.  How I didn't kill myself back then I'll never know(I'm pretty sure I have a really fast guardian angel).  When I was 24 my first daughter was born and I sold my bike.  About eight years ago once both of my daughters were in high school, I upped my life insurance and bought a 2007 Anniversary edition Honda Interceptor.  I had been fighting the bug for years and could wait no more.  I traded the VFR on the Connie about four years ago....I'm 47 now.  Last year on my way home from work, I watched a guy on a Harley get rear ended by a pickup and trailer.  This was in the lane right beside of me about 10 ft away.  I watched the whole thing happen as if it was in slow motion.  It was a distracted driver.  I got out and assisted until help arrived.  Once the ambulance left with him I started back home, but a few miles down the road I had to pull off and regain my composure.  It was very emotional for me and hit too close to home.  He and myself rode our bikes to work every day and always met each other in the morning and evening heading in opposite directions.  We always waved even though he was on a Harley and me on my Connie.  I kept check on him daily thru his girlfriend.  He almost died, stayed in ICU for weeks and went to rehab facility for weeks after that.  I didn't ride for a week after seeing his accident.  But like others have said here, you can die doing anything(or nothing).  I've seen plenty of car accidents and I never once thought about not driving a car again.  So after a week it was back in the saddle, although even more diligent than usual.  To quote Robert Duvall in my favorite movie, Second Hand Lion...... "What do you want us to die of, old age?"
P.S. For what it's worth, I've since seen the gentleman at the gas station and he's got another Harley and is back to riding again. :-)
Northwest Events / Re: Three Pass Blast [WA] 7-21-2018
« Last post by Grant on Yesterday at 11:41:52 am »
I am newer than you Less but this will be my third ride with the COG, you re in for a good time and sure you'll be watching the calendar for the next form here on out. :motonoises:
Northeast Events / Re: Creekside Grill 'n Ride (MD-PA)
« Last post by 4Bikes on Yesterday at 11:00:37 am »
Some photos just in case anyone thinks we were were making it up about how nice a place and event this was.... :)

Concours 14 / ZG1400 General Chat and Tech / Re: Steering Stem bearing grease help
« Last post by Bud on Yesterday at 08:40:21 am »
If you're pulling the forks to change fork oil, pulling the rest to get to the bearings shouldn't take too long.  It's 9 years old, so personally, I'd say to pull them for cleaning and inspection.  As for a time estimate, I don't have one.  I have multiple bike syndrome, so I've got other bikes to ride and don't really get hung up on how long something takes.  Buy yourself a cheap lift from harbor freight.  You really will find yourself enjoying maintenance work a lot more!  You might also make a post to see about borrowing a specialty socket that is floating around the country that will make setting the torque on the bearing much easier.  It's out there somewhere.
That is normal pitting. I would be concerned about the fact that width of those two spots in the middle if that purple colored areas above them is also pitting are close to taking the full width of the lobe.
I think you should start a new topic so you could get more advice on this subject.
Northwest Events / Re: Three Pass Blast [WA] 7-21-2018
« Last post by Fester on Yesterday at 03:56:47 am »
Hi guys... 2nd year of COG membership, but first event and post.  I've been lurking for several years, and I'm looking forward to finally meeting some fellow COG members and swapping tall tales.

Racing / Re: Dragstrip times and RPM
« Last post by Cali Cruiser on Yesterday at 03:37:33 am »
Mine was also with a 200/55 rear. Can't recall what he was running.
Racing / Re: Dragstrip times and RPM
« Last post by Cali Cruiser on Yesterday at 03:32:59 am »
Locally, I have a couple guys starting to run the 1/8 mile with thier connies.  Chris Gray, in this second time on a dragstrip, posted a 7.03 / 104 with a c-14 outfitted with a 2 BR slip on and Shoodaben flash. He just last week installed a full Area P system, and the attending flash, and that night ran a 6.81 @ 107.48 . He was also afraid of looking the bike on the launch, and shortshifted 1-2 because of the wheelies he'd already fought. I have another customer who is installing the AreaP pipe now and he has experience drag racing. He weighs the same as Chris, so it's going to be interesting. I honestly think a good rider will get into the high 6.6's with that setup.

  ETA - I'm not posting this ^ as an advertisement.  If you're talking racing (times, mph)  the comparisons are only relevant if you know what mods are done to the vehicle.


I recently ran 6.88 at 103 mph in the 1/8th with a slip on and Ivan's Performance flash with a marginally better 60ft at just shy of 200 lbs. The war between he and I for supremacy in this area is on. I suspect youth will prevail soon enough. I'm not sure what the difference in the DA was but for what it's worth that's where things currently stand.
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