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Hi guys,

I just replaced my water pump.  I took off on a 5-state adventure today. Enroute, I had a bad coolant leak and found a crack in a radiator hose.  Fixed it in the Autozone parking lot and made it down the Tail of the Dragon for the first time ever! 

Here's the bad part:  I'm getting really high temps -- not redlining, but 3/4 or higher -- when at low city speeds or at idle.  And the fan kicks on.  Why?  Shouldn't it run pretty cool even at low speeds?

Riding Gear / Re: LD Base Layer
« Last post by Old Man on a Connie on Yesterday at 01:06:19 am »
Love Marios stuff and can attest to the heat. Get's my vote every time. From Death Valley at 118 to Jackpot NV at 22 through Europe on Stelvio in the snow. It works.
Northwest Events / Re: Bun Cooler room mate wanted
« Last post by Old Man on a Connie on Yesterday at 12:37:45 am »
Sorry but Judy would not be welcome.  :32: Too much hanging around with somewhat questionable people.  :loco:  1/2 Room still available for some brave soul.
And I think her CC is maxed. So much for the platinum card.
Rallies, Rides, and Events / Re: bun cooler tent camping
« Last post by Dirtwiz on Yesterday at 12:32:49 am »
I had electricity at my tent site last year too. It was about 100" away though....but at least I could charge my phone....didn't help though since my phone service would not pick up there.....they do have wifi in the office area however,  but they close at like 6:00PM. It was fun though.
Northeast Events / Re: May 5-Ride to Bike Blessing 2018 Truro NS
« Last post by Sailor Rich on Yesterday at 12:17:06 am »
I hope your snow banks are receding claude :beerchug:
Southeast Events / Re: Carolina's CONclave 2018 April 21st
« Last post by ron203 on April 20, 2018, 11:55:20 pm »
Hmm... well, I HAVE had the 'wing up to almost to 70 a time or two..  :-X   decisions, decisions...
Southeast Events / Re: Carolina's CONclave 2018 April 21st
« Last post by Ranger Jim on April 20, 2018, 11:42:01 pm »
Having owned a C10 (2000) model, newer than Tom's, I can completely assure you that your 'wing will EASILY  keep pace with Tom (you have ridden with Tom, right?). ;D
Motorcycle Safety / Re: Hit and getting blamed
« Last post by FTB530 on April 20, 2018, 11:29:32 pm »
Getting hit in the rear your chances are high he will be sighted.  Whether he has insurance is another matter.   You may have a new bike in your future or at least some $ in your pocket.  Glad you are alright.

Getting cited isn’t a big deal to some, drunk who hit me had two felony counts of GBI and child endangerment. Had his kid in the truck when he was driving drunk,he spent four days in jail , got charges dropped to one countGBI and small fines and paying me restitution until I die!
Cleaned it, aired the tires. Put it on the stand for tomorrow's departure to the Carolina Conclave @ 7:00 am.
Southeast Events / Re: Carolina's CONclave 2018 April 21st
« Last post by ron203 on April 20, 2018, 11:02:41 pm »
Out of (in)sincere sympathy to the plight of the multi-bike owning, David S., I have cleaned up the C-14 and shall attempt to ride that so I can keep up with Tom on I-85 and prevent a catastrophic meltdown in NC...The boss is otherwise occupied with registration at the college tomorrow and will reluctantly be working instead.

However, I think Tom did invite about 10-12 friends at least, to come with us and I invited 2 more. If they don't show  up, we'll try to recruit a few at various rest stops along the way...

We shall see @ 7:30 tomorrow morning in Jefferson GA at the McD's. If anyone else is heading that way, look for us. I-85 northbound @ 8:00 am. 1 C-14, 1 C-10.
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