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Yes the stock seat is horrible to many.  The foam and shape of the set is for looks and compresses to the seat pan in a short amount of time.

The idea mfg's have of slanting seats forward is counter-intuitive for comfort.  May look cool and racy but its slanted exactly the wrong way. 

I tried a bunch of seats and the Russell is absolutely the best for me.  The slant is right and the shape of it - much like a tractor seat - is ideal.

It also really helps me to wear synthetic wicking material for undies and pants / shorts under my mesh riding pants.

Cotton is awful once you start perspiring - that damp cotton will pinch and pull miserably.

Yea, it pinched and pulled miserably, was wearing 100% cotton everything.   Had me looking at new bikes yesterday, no kidding, went to the local dealership.   I went home after and washed the bugs off of mine from the night before and sat next to it admiring it and realized what a nice bike I already have.   I think the C14 is a wonderful looking machine.   Nothing different needed just need to fix my seat issue.
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« Last post by Deanc on Yesterday at 02:27:53 pm »
Hey Roger,

I agree, its a great bike but the seat has something left to be desired.
I have a Saergent seat on my 2011 and do have discomfort after about 200 miles.  Solved my problem by placing a small $5 inflatable travel pillow with a little bit of air on the seat. Its not the most elegant solution but it provides some relief after reaching about 200 miles.   I have yet to try a Russell Day Long.

Anyways, I'm a native Clevelander  now in Texas; mid 90s is unusually hot this time of year up that way.
However in Texas, it does not cool down in the evening; it will be pitch dark and still 90+ degrees.
Anyways, Go Tribe!

yes do smell  gas and 2 backfies
Complete brake caliper rebuild for all three calipers.
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« Last post by yamahavrod on Yesterday at 02:20:55 pm »
Thank you for the info on the batteries.

I am sure the dealer will address my issues. I have had really good service from them in the past. Just too bad they didn't address them before I took delivery.
Here's my other toy.  A blast to ride, I love the V-twin torque, but my wrists are hurting after 30 minutes...
Do you smell raw gas coming from the mufflers right after cranking? If not I also think you may need to check valve clearances.

Vacuum hoses/caps in place on the throttle bodies?

MOB strongly recommends against using starter fluid as it will damage the rubber diaphragms in the carbs.
Look up the “coolant cocktail”. Many users have had luck with it in reducing heat as it allows the radiator to work more efficiently. You could also switch to a coolant like engine ice as it will have the same effect. The radiator works better so the fans don’t come on as often or as long.
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« Last post by Syxxphive on Yesterday at 02:06:20 pm »
Bike is 4 years old at this point. Possibly 5. Dealer needs to change ALL fluids. Coolant, oil, rear diff, brake, clutch, everything. Fuel filter is clogged most likely. TPMS batteries are totally dead. It’s a great find for sure, but it’s been neglected. Just because it had 0 miles on it does not mean it doesn’t need maintenance for those 4 years. Tires are probably junk too at this point.
left 1 and 4 with ground wire black n yellow on left screw for anchoring and right is for 2 and 3 i went by the book on this one on everything and i bet the problem is something real small im overlooking i have already drained my new battery twice trying to start and thats not good. i dont want to ruin new battery and its a gell cell battery with 500 cranking amps  im going nuts people
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