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Black Hills, SD
« on: July 28, 2008, 04:51:00 pm »
While not as dedicated to long distance riding as many of you guys are, this was my first experience with my Connie on a long ride.  I put around 1000 miles from 7/23-27 on trip to the Black Hills, SD.    Preset: Rigged the bike with a MIT100 intercom, Cobra FRS, and cell phone.  PTT velcroed to bottom of left grip to press with finger tips.  Cell and FRS in right fairing pocket.  I packed lightly as my wife was pulling our camper and I used the FRS and cell to communicate.  MP3 player velcroed just below ignition switch provided tunes.  I mounted a bicycle water bottle holder to the left lower fairing and used a tube to keep hydrated while riding.    Wednesday 7/23:  Left home with glimmers of sunshine peaking through the clouds.  Forecast had storms in Chamberlain, moving towards Sioux Falls, so I put on rain gear near Tea.  This was also my first use of the famous Cat-o-cruise.  I was impressed with how easy it was to put on/off, but it did take me by surprise the first time when I nearly rolled it off the bar end at 60 mph.  We hit rain just outside of Sioux Falls, and the fairing has excellent protection!  I mostly stayed with the wife, as she was cautious pulling the camper.  Rain cleared up just outside of Chamberlain so gear was stowed at next stop. We hit some light sprinkles around Rapid City, but not enough to warrant the gear again.  I took the lead to guide the wife to our campground in Hill City.  Spent the rest of the day setting up camp, and guiding our kids (separate cars) to the campground.     Thurs 7/24:  Rained hard early in the morning which helped clean the bugs and crud off the bike.  Wiped her down and she was ready.  We weren't ready for the rain, however as some things were left outside.  One fatality was my daughter's digital camera, left in my grandson's baby stroller.  Things dried up and the wife and I took a ride through Custer State Park.  First use of MIT-100 intercom function and it worked well.  Only issue was MP3 player doesn't drop out during intercom conversation so volume is kept lower (provided you want to hear your wife!!!).  Needles Highway was a fun ride, especially with the 10mph hairpin corners!  I behaved myself!  1880s Train ride with entire family that night!    Fri 7/25: Not much riding today as it was family time.  Van ride to Hot Springs, Evans Plunge with kids/grandkids, etc. Lots of buffalo at Wind Cave Park along the side of the road.  Passed a 2-up maroon Connie on the way back.  First Connie I've seen on the trip!    Sat 7/26: Wife and I are free!  Kids either went to in-law family picnic, or oldest son and family went to Hot Springs/Evan's Plunge (they missed out yesterday) and took our youngest boy, so we're 2-up again!  Thought we better go spend some time with oldest son and family so we head to Hot Springs.  Passed a maroon Connie (same one???) on the way and waved.  Went through Wind Cave Park and saw 2 buffalo, total.  Got back to camp and met up with rest of family.  Wife asked if anyone wanted a cycle ride and nobody wanted to go...(sigh).  I'm not THAT bad of a driver...sheesh!   Everyone then headed to Rapid City and Dinosaur Park.  We watched a storm coming in, took some photos/video and made it to gift shop before it rained.  When we got back to camp found our screen room gone!   Actually, it was blown over the top of the camper, and some other good Samaritan moved our stuff under a bunk end.  I am thankful that we weren't there when it happened, nor was any thing lost or damaged beyond repair.  One slightly bent pole on the canopy, but already straightened.  We all worked by lantern light to pack away the screen room.  Hey...less stuff to pack tomorrow!    Sun 7/27:  Complete pack up.  Then my daughter can't find car keys, thinking they are locked in car.  Call AAA!  Older gent came out in about an hour, battled the door lock and keys found!  We hit the road, with me leading the way out of Hill City.  Weather was getting warm, so once we hit I90, I tell my wife I'm going on ahead and will pull off to ease the knees and shoulders when necessary.  Chatted with a guy on a Vulcan at a rest stop, albeit too long as the wife then got a good head start on me.  He was surprised my bike was a Kawasaki as he thought it was a BMW.  Made a few more stops for snacks/gas, then a longer stop at the Cracker Barrel in Sioux Falls (wife's favorite place).  I actually hit reserve at 190 miles into my last tank about 30 miles from home!  North Sioux City SD, I filled 6.1 gallons!  I didn't think I was going THAT fast?!?!?!  Pulled into driveway about 9 PM.    Summary: Mileage averages between 45 and 33 mpg.  Fuel prices ranged from 3.79 to 4.13   Awesome roads for biking in the Black Hills!  Weather cooperated during the days with most rain at night.  Deer were right along roadways in Custer State Park!  Lots of bikers, mostly HDs.  Only saw a Connie twice, and it might have been the same one!  Never saw a new C14.  I might have to look into peg lowerers as knees started feeling the ride after a few hundred miles.  Or maybe some pegs on the tip-over bars.    A few more Tylenols and I could go again!        2003 Concours
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Black Hills, SD
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Hi Dave, it sounds like you had a great trip!  I've done my first two "long distance" trips on my '99 this month but compared to a lot of the folks in COG, these are pretty short. I just got back today from a trip to Pagosa Springs, CO where we also had some fun in the rain (see my ride report also in this forum). All in all, like you I'm totally pleased with the bike and her performance in a variety of weather and a variety of road types. Having a blast. Ride safe!  
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