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Delaware Ride
« on: July 13, 2008, 11:19:00 am »
Had a beautiful 4 hour ride in Delaware and eastern Maryland   yesterday. The only glitch was, my old streetpilot GPS gave up the   ghost on the touchscreen, so I couldn't program it for where I wanted   to go, or cancel the old route that was on it. So for about the first 1/2   hour of riding, the gal in the box was squawking "Off Route,   Recalculating" at me. After I got sufficiently far away from the old   destination she finally shut up and then didn't bother me again. I have   a newer GPS on order from Ebay.    I rode from Chestertown out past Millington, then to Clayton and   Smyrna, then as far south on 13 as Dover, then back up 13 as far as   Newark, DE.  Highway 13, besides having a cool name,  is a real   interesting divided highway, kind of like US 1. Business after business,   lots of bikers, RV dealers, fence companies, strip malls, sand and   gravel places, etc. I stopped at Mike's Famous Harley Joint in Smyrna   just to sample their air-conditioning and look at their overpriced   clothing. Noticed that most of the Harley guys in there were old   geezers like me, had a nice chat with one who was admiring the C-14.    I was trying to find Diamond Powersports in Camden, which is where   my friend Ritchie Smith works, but it's just south of Dover, and I didn't   go far enough south - I thought it was way north. Ritchie rides all the   way from DE to Annapolis every day on a Ninja 250, he's in the Naval   Academy band. He also has the beginning of a cool collection of older   bikes, a primo ZL 1000, and a Yamaha SR-500. (both '78's) I like that   ZL-1000.     Of course, the only state map I did not have was DE, I couldn't   program the GPS, and I was too preoccupied with the joy of riding to   stop and get directions, so I just sat up there on the seat, happy as an   Irish setter with his head out the window, and watched the world zip   by.    Then when I got home I looked up where Diamond Motorsports was on   the computer, and chalked it up for my next weekend ride. I rode   about 150 miles looking for a place only 39 miles from here! Some   people wouldn't understand!    Anyone else have days like that?  
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