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My Nova Scotia trip 2008
« on: August 24, 2008, 10:23:00 pm »
Well I went on my trip to Nova Scotia the last week of July, into August. It was a nice trip. I went with three friends. Pete who rode his Goldwing, with a trailer. Joe who rode his FJR. And Dave who rode his Nomad. Of course I took the C14. I took a bunch of photo's. Here's a bunch of them. The first day downright sucked. 600 miles on the highway. The only nice part of the day, was at the end. We stopped in a nice rest area, in upper Maine.     We then made it to Houlton Maine, for the night. It was right on the Canada border. The next morning we headed into Canada. Here's a pic leaving our motel on day 2. Joe was my roommate through out the trip.     On the road in New Brunswick.  We saw a couple of Moose. But couldn't get the camera out quick enough. It was uneventful. Except for Dave's light bar broke. I saw the light go out. I started to drop back to tell him. He was already pulling up, because the light broke off the light bar. We pulled quickly into a weight station where I got it back on with the use of 2 bungee cords and a sock(to protect the forks).       We were headed to Truro for the night. They have the highest tides in the world in that area. The Bay of Fundy can have tides as high as 52 feet. Here these pics were at low tide.     Hey that's me!       Near Truro, when the tide came in, it was something to see. It starts with an actual wave. It filled this 25-30 foot waterway in about 15 minutes.     First the wave.     http://image65.w     In about 15 minutes it's full. Check out the van on the road. It gives you an idea how big this waterway was.       Lunenburg was a real nice port town on the east shore, below Halifax. I wish I had more time to spend there. Next time I will plan a full day there.     Pete and Joe also with the cameras in Lunenburg     Dave and I explored the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic, in Lunenburg. I could have spent hours in there. But time was short.       Here's the Bluenose II. It was docked in Lunenburg, for maintenance. So we couldn't get on.     This was on the road to Mahone Bay. Was a nice place. Maybe retirement?     And of course a stop in Mahone Bay.       Here's a shot of Dave following me up the coast.     We stopped at one of the two Swissair flight 111 memorials. They have one in each of the equal distance spots where they brought the bodies to shore. If you remember that crash 11 miles off the coast of Nova Scotia, back in 1998.     Here's Pete and Dave at the memorial.       Here we are approaching Peggy's Cove.     arriving at Peggy's Cove.       An English style phone booth at Peggy's Cove. I thought it was cool.     And the lighthouse at Peggy's Cove. It's a shame it was so foggy.       Taking the ferry!     Dave's second incident. The Crash site. He wasn't paying attention. He missed the curve and crashed. He was very lucky. He missed a guard rail with his right bag by inches. He crashed into a culvert. He could have hit the tree. I saw him in my mirror. Joe and I had to get the bike off of him. He rode it out with a little help. The damage thankfully was minor. His crash bar did it's job. But it was bent. We managed to straighten it back. I pushed with my leg. While Pete put his foot on the engine and pulled with his hands. It worked. Other damage was a broken off right mirror. The already broken light bar is toast. His left saddle bag is scratched up. Not too bad. And Dave was lucky, only a few bruises. Joe tried to repair the ladies lawn the best he could. And Pete and Dave played with the nomad. It was again able to be ridden. So I couldn't resist snapping a couple of shots.     The Turn!       We spent the night in Canso. Why I don't know. There's nothing there. But here are some nice coastal shots on the way there.     The motel in Canso was in the middle of nowhere. We dubbed it the oasis. A helicopter landed behind our room to get themselves a room for the night.     I snapped this on the way to Baddeck.     We stopped for coffee. Even the Tim Horton's has a nice view from their parking lot!     Here we went for a day ride around the Cabot trail.   Of course Dave had his third incident of the trip here. After snapping this picture. Dave lost his camera on the rode at about 55mph. His camera was toast. (Yes Dave had a bad trip)       We stopped at a leather shop. Pete and Dave played with the camera. It was shot. So we decided to take a ceremonial picture of Dave's camera in the road! Dave was not amused!       Here's a nice shot from the Cabot trail.     Here's the fault line. But what's Dave up to now?       We saw a bear cub in the road. I pulled over quick to get a photo. But it ran in the bushes before I could get it. Momma had to be close, so I wasn't chasing after it. Besides I see black bear all the time at home.   But then we ran across a very cooperative moose. He was fine with posing for photos.       Here's some views from the Cabot trail.       A Honda CB1100XX with a sidecar. Pete is behind him waiting to fuel up.       More shot's from the Cabot trail.     On the road to Kentville. We were stuck in construction. Pete and Joe were making the best of it.       Our motel in Kentville. The only really nice room we had the whole trip. It had Air conditioning!       In Annapolis Royal, we were lucky to catch the Canada day weekend festivities at Fort Anne.       Boarding the Cat in Yarmouth for our trip to Portland Maine, headed home.     Strapping down the bikes on the Cat.     Pete and Joe get some shut eye on the Cat. We got on last. So all the seats where the movies were showing, were taken. So there wasn't much else to do!     The Cat has four engines, producing 9,500 horse power each. That's 3,800 HP. It kicks up two nice rooster tails!       So all in all it was a great trip. Yes Dave had a few incidents. But we all had a good time, and will do it again. Over the nine days, I put 2,800 miles on the C14. I saw a lot of great sites. And Met a lot of really nice people.      
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My Nova Scotia trip 2008
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BBAR - nice photos and write-up.  Hoping to get to Nova Scotia in the next couple of years.  This was a good teaser for me.  Greg H from Mass, Connie Droppers Anonymous Awards Dude  COG# 7010,a Tracey  CDA 120  99 Connie "Herrin Christabelle", 05 Ninja 250  
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