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NWCOG 11th Volcano Ride report
« on: August 23, 2008, 06:00:00 pm »
Whoo-ee. This route never gets old to me!   15 showed for brekie in Randle Wa. Seems like the # of C10's (3) do get less. I was riding the KLR as was camping nearby at Blue Lake ORV CG doing trails on the DRZ and adv riding on the KLR.   It was a hot one although the route has some good elevation cutting the temps down 20 deg. Max temp was 109 F along the Columbia River Gorge and up into the Klickatat Canyon. The max temp was about an hour.   Riders left in small groups. Last year Bob P our NW AD helped me with a road map and I was able to modify that for this year. With maps the individual groups could ride at their pace. The Windy Ridge FR 99 was closed a few miles up so that section of the ride was deleted this year. Still this route is 270 mile Randle to Randle. Some riders rode as much as 170 one way to get to the start on Sat morn. Others got a motel Fri night.   Great riding and the roads for FR's wwre acceptable. The all pavement route did have a few short sections of gravel due to washouts the longest being 1/2 mile. No problem for any rider.   Stopping off at a few scenic areas allowed for great views of Mt St Helens.   Stopped in Bingen along the Gorge at usual place, Los Reyes restaurant for good grub. Coming out after the meal about 1:30 PM it was cooking in the mid day heat.   Riding up the Klickatat and on to Glendale canyons is a treat for any MC wanting twisties in a remote area.   Stopping in Trout Lake a few of us dipped our bare feet into the creek a few feet fom the bikes. Ahh, natural AC!   Continuing on FR 23 , we ride past Mt Adams and over the Pacific Crest trail. Segueing onto FR 99 the twisty road is merciless. This continues on FR 25 back to Randle.   Unfortunately we had two riders go down. One was able to finish the ride and the other had a trip back to Randle in a tourists cage. The initial reports was brusing of body parts and the second bike was likely heavily damaged as reported landing between trees and rocks. The perfect safety record of the Ride is no more.   Thanks to all that came and rode.   See you next year for #12.      
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