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This was my weekend  :motonoises:

Below is from my Facebook post. Apologies to the better educated among us for the over-explanations meant more for my non-rider family & friends.

Between following the Iron Butt Rally and watching the Tour de France, I usually get a wild hair in July. Then I step outside into the humidity and the hair recedes (that's my story & I'm sticking to it). This time, I followed through.


An epic ride is in the books. Officially 1578 miles in 33hr 43min.

Two certifiable Iron Butt Association rides were completed:

  1) An all-Kansas Saddlesore 1000. 1000+ miles in under 24 hours, but staying entirely within the state and traveling around it's perimeter. IBA requires receipts from 6 specific towns: Leavenworth, Troy, Bird City, Elkhart, Medicine Lodge and Baxter Springs. The rules also require starting & stopping from the same town - for me, that was Leavenworth. So this ride is much more than the usual Saddlesore 1000 to pull it off, yet it still has to finish in under 24 hours. I ended up at 1223 miles in 22hr 17min.

Since I had to get from Lawrence to Leavenworth to start that ride, then ride home again after completion (exactly 1300 miles), it seemed silly to have all those extra miles and not turn them into...

  2) A Bun Burner 1500. 1500+ miles in under 36  hours. After a few hours of rest, it was back out there to log the last 278 miles and finish the BB. I did toy yesterday with the idea of wicking up the pace to go for a BB Gold (1500+ miles in under 24 hours), but it wasn't meant to be considering over 90% of the KS Saddlesore was on 2-lane roads. It was fun to do the math to help stay alert at 2:00 in the morning ("Hmmm...if I average 100mph over the next 3 hours...").

Honestly, the 278 today was mostly harder than the first 1000 yesterday. I have a long, long way to go to be anywhere near the level of an elite long distance rider, particularly of those who just completed the 11 day Iron Butt Rally. My wonderful, trusty 19 year old Kawasaki Concours, now with 102,000 miles on it, performed, per usual, much more flawlessly and consistently than its rider.

Thanks for everyone's well wishes, good vibes, etc. They helped keep the critters/road gators/idiots out of my path (nevermind the multiple deer sightings...or the turtle that I managed to miss...occupational hazard).


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