Author Topic: Firstgear Kathmandu vs Adventure Mesh fitment  (Read 543 times)

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Firstgear Kathmandu vs Adventure Mesh fitment
« on: April 26, 2017, 12:09:47 pm »
I bought a kathmandu in 2010.  Great jacket, and I absolutely love the fit.  mind you I'm 6'9" 300lb, long arms, long torso, etc... and it fits like it was tailored for me. 

The Kathmandu has been very good to me for many years, but is getting a bit long in the tooth, a bit tattered here and there, etc... And since it was rather warm in the heat of the summer, I decided to buy a Mesh jacket to wear 3 season warm, and keep the miles off the Kathmandu.  Only run it in the early sping, late fall seasons.

In comes the adventure mesh.  Comes in a 2xl Tall, contacted revzilla who said that firstgear tends to run very consistent on their fits.   :great: should fit like the kathmandu, only made of mesh  :beerchug: perfect.

but it doesn't... :( :( not even close.  The shoulders feel too broad, the front if a bit shorter than I was expecting, but it's for warm weather, I can deal.  The killer for me are the sleeves.

no way this is even remotely the same size jacket at my kathmandu.  The sleeves should be the same length, and they are WAY off. 

Are mesh jackets like this supposed to have sleeves so short?  Pictures for comparison.

Any other recommendations for a 3/4 length mesh jacket shaped like the firstgear kathmandu from 2010?