Author Topic: What earplugs do you use?  (Read 3863 times)

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Re: What earplugs do you use?
« Reply #25 on: February 13, 2018, 09:19:00 pm »
Radians for me.  ~$10 on amazon and you customize them to your own ear prior to first use.  Very similar to the tradeshow ones you buy for a $100+, but if you lose one or the set, they are much easier and cheaper to replace.
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Re: What earplugs do you use?
« Reply #26 on: February 24, 2018, 11:25:13 am »
I have the same problem with earplugs hurting my ears. These are the only ones I've found that I can sleep in:

I wear them when riding, and for sleeping in hotels. Great noise isolation, and I can't even feel them. Other plugs I've tried would wake me up after a couple of hours.

After all the suggestions posted, I went with these.

I used them at the range last weekend and they worked well.  I haven't been on the bike to try them, but I can already tell that they will be WAY better than the 3M industrial style plugs I've been using on the bike.    They are way softer and likely wont make my ears hurt.

Thanks for all the suggestions and this would make a great sticky for earplugs !

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Re: What earplugs do you use?
« Reply #27 on: February 27, 2018, 05:48:56 pm »
Radians CEP001-T Tan Custom Molded Earplugs
I just got these.   I got two sets thinking I would screw the first up.   I need good plugs both for riding and drumming.  I felt it was easy to make the plugs and I am still using the first ones I made.   They work great for drums.   I forgot to take them on the bike the other day but my guess is they will do very well.   

I ware my helmet speakers right up against my ears and most foam plugs rub on the speaker cover I made and create low frequency noise.  The way these lay flat I am expecting this will not be a problem.

I played drums for 4 hours the other day and almost forgot I had these in.  When I pulled them out I was shocked how loud I had the music set to.  I would say you get close to the rated 24 db of attenuation at most frequencies anyway.  But I was still able to hear most details in the music and normal talking levels when I needed to.   I was shocked after reading other reviews of these.   Works for me.
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