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REPOST - Full area P flash update available
« on: August 04, 2018, 05:52:19 pm »
 This was originally posted July1. 2018, but was lost during some administrative pruning.

     Shoodaben Engineering is happy to make the Full  Area P System Flash update available for 2018. Several meaningful changes  include the addition of disabling decel fuel cut, a new timing map, your choice of the original or Mountain Runner throttle control, and more power. I will be attaching a dyno sheet comparing old VS the 2018 update Area P flash.

  If you have the original Area p flash, this update is available for just the cost of shipping, generally 25.00 . All  Full Area P System Flashes going forward will be with this 2018 update.

  Please email me through my site (link below) to send your ecu in for the update or a new flash.

  As always - thanks -

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