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Title: Shoodaben Excellence
Post by: Sean on December 31, 2018, 02:02:52 pm
Fellow Concours Riders - the following post is an expression of appreciation to Steve at Shoodaben Engineering for his absolutely EXCEPTIONAL service and product available to Concours Owner's. In short, Steve is among the most gifted and cerebral individuals I have had the good fortune of meeting. I am writing regarding my 2nd Concours 14, a 2017, that I have had the good pleasure of riding in a variety of conditions for over a year (with the Shoodaben Engineering "Mountain Runner" flash with all OEM intact), now at 5,000 miles. If you read no further, and if you have only one upgrade in consideration, reach out to Steve, ship your ECU, discuss with Steve your tuning objectives (helps if you also install an Area "P" no limits exhaust). In my case, I sought versatility, reliability and to keep all OEM equipment intact to include O2 sensors et al. As far as I know, I have flash 1 of 1 with these parameters, a Shoodaben Engineering Mountain Runner with all OEM equipment connected. Paired with the Shoodaben Engineering ECU upgrade is an Area "P" No Limits Carbon Fiber slip-on exhaust. The outcome, simply REMARKABLE! The motor has never run better, fuel mileage improved, the best feature? Three - the first, exceptional engine smoothness, second, the motor loves to PULL! The motor loves to live in the 2,000 to 4,500 rpm range, no need to spool up or run it out. Three, and among my favorite, engine braking has improved considerably. When "canyon carving" on 700 lbs of Concours, the throttle acts more like a "rheostat" where acceleration and deceleration all takes place at the wrist, very little need to upset chassis dynamics by using brakes. My only disappointment? I have two other motorcycles in the garage where Steve does not presently have the ability to ECU "map" them. In making future motorcycle purchases, they will be motorcycles that Steve can ECU upgrade, Steve and his product are that good! Thank you Steve and Shoodaben Engineering.