Author Topic: Just bought a new Concours -? re Racetech suspension  (Read 279 times)

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Just bought a new Concours -? re Racetech suspension
« on: December 28, 2017, 02:16:13 am »
It's a leftover 2017 model and I'm starting the farkling process. First up, McCruise, power hub, Garmin and radar detector. I'll eventually get round to the suspension, probably next winter. I've also got a 2017 Z1000SX so the Connie is more of a straight tourer for me.  I'm going Traxxion on my Z1000SX but I would like a hydraulic pre-load adjuster on the Connie because it's primarily for 2 up riding.

With that background, now the question. Racetech makes a rear shock with hydraulic pre-load adjustment. I did a search on Racetech and came up dry. Anyone had any experience? Thanks in advance for the answers.