Author Topic: Just curious, anybody go back to 50-series rear tire after trying the 55-series?  (Read 1940 times)

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Has anyone done tire stretch on rear wheel of C14?
I am not trolling.
I ask a legit question...
I'm not familiar with that term.  Could you elaborate further?
It is  where you put a tire on a much wider rim then it was meant for.

Oh, like those dumb a** slammed import hatchbacks?

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I guess I'm one of the few who'll forever keep 55s.
Just one of my favorite 17 mile rides close by...LOL

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I just spooned on a 50 series after several 55's going to see if I missed anything?
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Im putting on a 55 tomorrow, I've done this with every bike I've owned that came with a 190/50. More cornering clearance and quicker steering is the usual result, but this is a heavier bike so im interested to see if it causes front tire wear issues.
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