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Just an update on how my Pirelli Rosso II performed during the last 11 months and about 2,600 miles (from about 3,500 to 6,100).  In terms of handling and safety for spirited riding solo on backroads, they were great.  In terms of wear, so so.  The rear is fully worn out and I I will need to replace it, certainly within the next few hundred miles.  Thus, max 3,000 miles of use for fast riding on backroads (minimal freeway touring).  The front still have 1,000+ miles.

This time, since I am seriously thinking on riding cross-country this summer, I will try the Angel GT.  I will remain with the choice of 190/55 size for the rear, as the bike remained super stable straight ahead and super easy to tip in in all kinds of tight and sweeping turns with this size for the Rosso II.

Since my June 2013 posting was on a (now dead) thread re. tire wear and suspension, I reproduce it below. "I just came back from the dealer (16 miles of mixed freeway and country roads) with Diablo Rosso II on my Connie, standard front and 190/55 rear (instead of the Rosso Corsa which I was thinking of installing).  I figured the Rosso II are the right compromise for this bike for someone wanting more sport performance than sport-touring tires like the Angels GT but also not needing the hypersport and track capabilities of the Rosso Corsa.  On my way home, at a sedate pace with still brand new tires, I could feel the bike much lighter and ready to tip in the turns so much more easily than before.  I did not notice any problem going straight ahead on the freeway.  So far, I am very happy with my choice.  Will report back more on the choice of Rosso II and of 190/55 rear in a few weeks.  Thanks for all the good advice I found on this forum, as well as the cautionary warnings.  As you can see, I listened to both."
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