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Title: A9 UK bike fork rebuild
Post by: jacksdad on February 07, 2020, 06:18:45 pm
Hi, stripped my 1994 A9 front forks today, very easy job.
Following on from the posts on here, I'll add that the nut used to hold the damper rod is 24mm, which threads onto M16 bar. I bought 6x nuts and a metre of threaded bar from my local fastener stockists for £4.00, can't beat our local small shops  ;D
I tried to unlock the allen key from the fork, but I kept undoing the nuts...waste of time! Finally welded up 2 nuts onto the end of the M16 bar, then easily got things apart, with the use of a vise to grip the bar.
I've now found some scoring on the base of each leg, which although visible, isn't deep, just about feel the score lines with a fingernail. I've ordered a rebuild kit ( both bushes, oil seal and dust seal and 7.5 weight oil) but will the legs be good to re-use? If so, should I position the worn area at the front of the bike?
Title: Re: A9 UK bike fork rebuild
Post by: Boomer on February 07, 2020, 07:27:49 pm
My first time I just jammed a broom handle in there.
That was enough to hold it and get the allen bolt out.
Now I have a homemade tool that makes it simple.

Probably best to rotate the forks so that the worn part is towards the front.
Mine got so pitted on my 86 I eventually replaced then with tubes from All Bike Engineering. (
Title: Re: A9 UK bike fork rebuild
Post by: jacksdad on February 13, 2020, 12:17:53 pm
Parts have arrived, ready to rebuild (once the emulators and oil are resolved)
The white plastic rings on the damper rods were both seized solid with grit, they seem undamaged, does anyone know of replacements? If not I'll just flip them over and re-use them.
The Pyramid Parts bushes and seal kits seem perfectly well made, the old bushes have had all the coating worn away on the load areas, they are likely all original and have done 78k miles  :o