Author Topic: Another possible stock size rear tire option  (Read 1029 times)

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Another possible stock size rear tire option
« on: October 10, 2011, 09:42:06 pm »
     I really like the grip, feedback, dry-n-wet performance of the Shinko 011 Verge on the front of my C10 in the stock 120/70ZR-18 sizing. With that in mind & after ordering another one to replace the current one that's finally down to the wearbars at approx 16k on it......I sent an e-mail to the contact person for Shinko Tire tech & Development on saturday October 8th & recieved a reply TODAY October 10!!!!  His reply follows;

Hi Dean,
Thanks for the input. I will let Shinko know of the request. If there is enough interest to justify the R & D and cost of building the tire mold they may do it.
This is a fairly expensive and time consuming process so they need to make sure it is worth doing cost wise.
Scott Casper
Western Power Sports
Street Product Manager
Shinko Tire Tech and Development
601 E. Gowen Rd
Boise, Idaho  83716
Phone (208)376-8400 ext. 3404
Fax (208)375-8901
Scott Casper <>

 I replied just a bit ago that I'd post his reply on the various COG foums & let you fine folks do the rest. If they decide to manufacture the 011 Verge in the 150/80ZR-16 size that we need, & it performs as great as the front does, I could see this combo replacing the Avon combo no problem!  Especially with the poor mileage return I got from the last Azaro rear tire, only 8.5k. On previous Azaro's, I've always gotten 13-14k from them, but at 8.5k, I'll pass thank you..
 So, if you'd like another brand option in the 150/80ZR-16 sizing other than brands A & D, please send Scott a nice e-mail requesting it.  Oh, & tell them Dean sent ya!  :)
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Re: Another possible stock size rear tire option
« Reply #1 on: November 04, 2011, 09:16:24 pm »
I hope this got a better response than it appears.  I know there were some problems with Shinko in the begining, but they have had some good reviews lately.  I like them on my KLR.  It would be nice if these happen to work well on the C10.