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Title: Bridgestone BT-54F ?
Post by: James_Leach_TN on September 28, 2011, 02:00:06 pm
Due to cranial-rectal insertion complex on my part, I wound up having to install a BT-54F (120/70-18) on the front of my '91 C-10.  Does anyone have experience using this tire on a Connie?  My favorite fitment, Metz Z6, was down to flat rubber in the center at 12K miles.  I have always previously had a replacement ready by the time it reached the wear bars.  The BT-54F performed OK on the 500 mile ride home.  Mostly straight, flat, dry highway miles.  Speedometer seemed to read about the same as the Z6.  Mostly curious about cornering and wet performance.


Title: Re: Bridgestone BT-54F ?
Post by: Slybones on September 28, 2011, 02:58:53 pm
they look a lot like the BT-45's except they are a radial tire and not a bias ply. Too bad they dont have a rear in the right size. In any case quite a few around here use and like the BT45s. Handle nice and great traction. If the BT54's are anything close should work out fine.