Author Topic: Front Forks and Preload settings on my '06 Connie!  (Read 949 times)

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Front Forks and Preload settings on my '06 Connie!
« on: August 10, 2015, 11:36:29 pm »
I have owned this bike for about 14 months now, and I have to say that it keeps getting sweeter handling… when I first rode it, 560 miles home from Summit, NJ I thought it had a low front tire, as it was all over the road. I stopped and checked the tire pressure, and it wasn't low! So i rode home, checked everything out, joined this forum, and since then, it has been an adventure in handling! The P.O. had mismatched the preload adjusters at least a full mark off, and I increased the preload to  a couple marks from full, evening out the suspension, checked the steering head bearings, got rid of the Dunlops and installed Avon's, and the handling kept getting better. Now, I have the 17" rims front and rear, with Conti Motions, and they are very stable, and corner well. I recently cranked the preload up some more in the front forks, and MAN! The handling is rock solid! I do not have much adjustment left, so I think this winter I will order the 1 kg. springs and change the fork oil to a little thicker oil. Perhaps even do cartridge emulators. I know the stock springs are only .65 kg. and are not adequate for SOLO (BARELY) riding, and so new springs are in order. But, it gives me hope that this bike will be able to handle better than it did when I got it. I like the bike, and before I cranked up the preload in the front this last time, it would wag a little in the wind, but now it is very steady. I am very happy with it! I will eventually change the rear shock also, and look forward to a very nice handling sport tourer. Thanks to everyone here that I have read and followed to get this far! :)
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