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I read yet never expected
« on: August 13, 2013, 01:23:16 am »
such a completely new ride. While the Sonic 1.2 and 15W up front was an immediately needed improvement last year, now tightly wound roads are answered with less than a whisper, and I'm not even close to pushing- just seating in the new stuff and learning to ride something special.
I stockpiled for a while, and what these add is just incredible.

17" XR7S front wheel
17" Mean Streak rear
PR3 120/70 front and 170/60 rear
Murph's metallic (orange, copper?) EBC front and organic rear
Murph's EBC rear rotor, cast iron
Speigler 2-2 stainless lines up front (eliminates d-box)
Chinese front stainless wave rotors (gently breaking them in: huge grip with the EBC pads)
ZZR1200 rear take-off from my friend at Velocity King
Used Corbin seat, pre-Canyon

Yeah, the rust on the exhaust didn't show until that flash hit project easier than these last, I think. Forgive me.

My favorite hints: if you go to do this, drive it up on 2x6 front and rear, with a little slab of it for the kickstand, then a 2x6 under the center stand to ease the lift and provide swap clearance. Strap the center stand to the drop bar or whatever you find handy as angles will happen. Do the front first, with a floor jack and buffered by a small plate of soft wood under the pan. And you may still wish/need to let the air out to install; clearance is tight.

This is a 2003 with 17k miles; 4,600 of which were to and from Eureka Springs last year. Huge thanks to all the contributors here for sharing your experience and wisdom. See you on the road.