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Title: PR3's kinda noisy?
Post by: Slybones on December 27, 2012, 06:04:16 pm
Had a new PR3 in 110/80-18 mounted up for about 250mi now. Compared to the BT-45 front I have had the last 30K+ this thing seems quite noisy to me. Going down the road at freeway speed wind noise drowns it out some. At 30-50 mph I don't have the wind noise and you can really here it. To me it sounds like typical tire / road noise I can hear on the car. It varies with road surfaces just like with the car. This morning for example riding down Ash Way towards the freeway, its 35mph. If I ride in the left or right tire track its very noticeable. If I ride right down the center it quiets down a lot. I played around intentionally popping in and out of positions on the lane, observing the noise difference. I notice in in general any other places too. Depending on the road surface it can vary a lot. A lot like in the car. Where the BT45's were pretty quiet on all surfaces.

- To me it really sounds like tire noise, and varies with road surfaces just like in the car.

- Front brakes are not dragging. Last night on ride home I used rear brakes only for the last bit getting home. Then checked the rotor temps when I pulled in the garage. Both are cold. I believe if dragging the offending calipers rotor would be warm.

- Nothing strange happened with brakes during tire swap. Brakes feel normal.

- Front wheel bearings should be fine. I checked them while wheel was out. Felt ok. And front wheel bearings were replaced 16K ago at the last front tire change. So they are not that old either. NTN's from Murph.

- The PR3 seems a bit taller than the BT45. Even when factoring in the new versus worn tire height, this seems taller and effected the speedo more than I was anticipating. However I cannot imagine these are taller than Wing Tars ( which I have ran 2 sets of in the past ) so I don't think there are clearance issues. I felt around / looked for clearance problems and did see anything.

- Due to the way I jacked up and propped the front end during this tire change, and the increased height of the tire I ended up removing the front fender to get the tire back in. Long story with the floor jack, but about the only thing different than other front tire changes I have done. Generally I don't remove the fender. ?

- Have not double checked the speedo gear to make sure its in the notch properly. Just now though of that.  Will walk down and examine in a bit.

Are PR3's just noisy tires?

Title: Re: PR3's kinda noisy?
Post by: worncog on December 28, 2012, 09:12:13 pm
Hhmm... I am running PR3's in the 120/70-17 on two different bikes and have not noticed a noise as you are describing. When I was running Dunlop Roadsmarts I was getting a noise with the 120-18 anytime the tire was not centered up vertical. Don't recall height ratio. Running to Stagecoach Sunday, I'll take note as to any road noise.
Title: Re: PR3's kinda noisy?
Post by: Daytona_Mike on January 01, 2013, 04:18:35 am
I run PR3's on my C10 and on my C14.  Never noticed any increase  tire noise.
Title: Re: PR3's kinda noisy?
Post by: Pistole on January 01, 2013, 05:52:52 am
- under the earplugs , balaclava and full face helmet , can't hear anything.

- which may be a blessing.

Title: Re: PR3's kinda noisy?
Post by: worncog on January 01, 2013, 02:02:27 pm
- under the earplugs , balaclava and full face helmet , can't hear anything.

- which may be a blessing.

Lol...I hear that.

After paying more attention than usual to tire soinds, the PR3 does exhibit a sound when healed over onto the 'new' tread section (these are usually there until I leave Florida) but I would not quantify them as unusual, maybe normal. What pressure are you running? I am running 40 psi. My experience maybe mute depending on the difference in radial profile between the 17 and 18.
Title: Re: PR3's kinda noisy?
Post by: Jeff on January 01, 2013, 04:06:47 pm
FWIW, I'm running the PR2 on the stock front (C10) and notice it's noisy. Seems to resonate the fender.
Title: Re: PR3's kinda noisy?
Post by: Slybones on January 02, 2013, 06:09:05 pm
Well I had the wife sit on the rear seat and raise front wheel off the ground. And the front tire does not turn as well as it should and does sound like the brakes are dragging. this morning I did the same trick where I used the rear brakes only as I got to work, and then checked the rotor temps. They both still felt cool. But at 32 out this morning, maybe this is not a good test.  -- Still kinda strange that the sound changes with road surface, like tire noise can. But back to thinking brakes again.
Title: Re: PR3's kinda noisy?
Post by: Boomer on January 03, 2013, 02:29:00 pm
Wheel bearings maybe?

Not likely to be the brakes dragging as that would definitely heat up the rotors.
As for the PR3, they are a wet weather tyre with more tread (sipes) than most other tyres so I would expect more road noise compared to an un-siped tyre like the PR2.
Title: Re: PR3's kinda noisy?
Post by: Slybones on January 03, 2013, 03:53:05 pm
Wheel bearings should be ok. Only 16K old, and felt good when I had the wheel off. They are also the NTN from Murph which I believe are the high end kind.
Title: Re: PR3's kinda noisy?
Post by: Slybones on January 06, 2013, 08:54:37 pm
Well I went out there this afternoon and remove the front brake lever, to prevent any accidental caliper movement. Then I removed the backing plates, pins and slid out the pads of my 6 pots. Left the calipers and all bolted in place so I didnt have to mess with any of that, or bleeding, etc.

1. The left side, inside pad was a little tight. At least tighter than the other 3 pads. But not tight enough that I could not slip the pad in and out.

2. Got the wife to sit on the back seat and raise the front tire. Spinning with no pads the tire spins free as I was originially expecting. I guess maybe all the times I have changed the front tire and spun the thing when installed, its been before installing the calipers and brakes. -- Jan 02 When had the wife sit on the seat to raise the front and spun it then, with everything in riding order, I was suprised at how the tire did not spin near as free as like it did now w/o the pads in there. yet how ever slight the dragging is, its not enough to heat up the rotors. Tried that test twice.

3. Went for a spin around the block with no front brakes. Fortunately no one tried to kill me on this trip. Tire noise is the same.

Got the pads all back in and lever installed. Another check ride around the block.

Someone mentioned resonating in the front fender. Since then I had been listening and that kinds sounds right. Interesting I took the front fender off this tire change. Dont normally do that. I noticed installing the fender there is some play in there that can allow for some slight tilting front to rear. Wondering where I have it and if it makes any difference. I suppose next I will try loosening the bolt and tip the fender all the way forward, and try. Then all the way back and try, etc.  What the heck, it wont take long and will be interesting.
Title: Re: PR3's kinda noisy?
Post by: Redbarron on January 07, 2013, 12:11:05 pm
Hello Slybones:

I ran into the same problem with my front tire, but you're correct you need to re-adjust your fender.

Sometimes you can use a piece of tubing between the fender and the tire to set the gap evenly.

Good Luck
Title: Re: PR3's kinda noisy?
Post by: Slybones on January 18, 2013, 09:46:29 pm
Well I have re-adjusted my fender and it sounds the same to me. So I guess I'll chock it up to this is how they sound.

On a different note, this PR3 seems really tall compared to the BT45V that was on there. I was expecting some change from old worn tire to new full amount of tread, but not his much. I have not gotten the GPS out yet. Too cold and frosty this was week and a bit wet before that. Sometime soon I'll get out there with the GPS and try. Still .... Streets and Trips for example says its 20.9 mile from where I fill up on the morning when I need fuel and reset my odo, to where I park in the parking garage at work. Done this many many times. My odo with the BT45 was 21.7 for a tire with 15K on it. Which is about 4% and the error correction when I calculate mileage. With a new BT45 I was using 3.5%. With the PR3 it was only 21.2 mi to work. Works out to about 1.5%.

Both are 110/80-18.
Title: Re: PR3's kinda noisy?
Post by: Slybones on January 18, 2013, 10:01:41 pm
Are radials taller for the some reason?

I was just thinking back to when I went from the Dunlop 205's which are radials to the Bridgestone BT45's. The D205 was a 120/70 the stock size, I had not yet tried the 110/80 thing. When I went to the BT45's is when I swapped to the 110/80 front. Using them calculators the 110/80 is supposed to be taller than the 120/70.  And therefore I was expecting the speedp/odo to change in a specific direction. Yet it didn't change. And I remember I used the GPS for that too.

70 indicated was 70 actual with the D205 in 120/70. And the BT45 was 71 indicated at 70 actual. Given the 110/80 was supposed to be taller, I was thinking it should real lower speed for the same actual as it makes less revolutions. But it did not turn out that way. Indicated / Actual was always pretty consistent with the several BT45 fronts I have used.  I'll get out the GPS and get an indicated / actual for the PR3.

And just for documentation my old Pilot GT's wing size tire was 67.5 indicated for 70 actual.

I know my Connie is not rare, but it seems most read fast with stock tires and get more accurate with the Wing tires. Mine, and I know there are many others, are the less common speedo/odo that reads fairly normal with stock tires and reads slow with the larger tires.