Author Topic: Progressive 465 - comments from those that have one?  (Read 995 times)

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Progressive 465 - comments from those that have one?
« on: June 27, 2012, 01:08:40 pm »
So, I'm lucky in that I live fairly close to places like The Diamondback ( and could ride it 3x a week if I wanted.   Ok, maybe more.

While I'm new to bikes again after a long layoff, I have a history of car racing (Might have to do with my screeen name...  LOL) - and flying - so I pay a LOT of attention to the "feel" of things.

Riding The Diamondback - and other somewhat hard rides (70mph, brake hard, 20mph, 70mph, brake hard...  LOL....) the rear end on my 2002 moves around - a LOT...   Never that unsettled, but it seems to rebound (no clue if that's the right term) up fairly hard after compression - which gives me a totally strange feeling about it.    Probably totally normal.

My question is around how to dial in the bike to lean more on the sport side - but knowing I do a lot of touring to get there.    100 miles to ride the 190 curves in 12 miles - then back 100 miles.....

Can I do a lot more with the "stock" suspension?   I'm not sure.     

I'm totally open to buying the Progressive 465 IF it makes a big difference.    So - does it for those that have one???


PS.  I'll eventually get to the front end.......   Just starting in the back....

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Re: Progressive 465 - comments from those that have one?
« Reply #1 on: June 29, 2012, 10:04:17 am »
Hi there!
I have a Progressive 465 that I've ridden about 4k miles.  I ordered the very first one that showed up on our shop's wholesaler's website after Progressive began shipping them out, so there's reason to believe it may have been the first in the country on any Concours.  I offered them at a group discount here on the site and got no takers, so saved some cash and splurged on one for myself.  It is beautifully manufactured and installed in about 20 minutes.  I recently took a 3500 mile trip from Vermont down to your neck of the woods to ride all the twisties I could, including the Diamondback, Dragon, etc. 

The shock has been awesome.  I too am a feel geek and fit Race Tech GVEs to my bikes, as well as proper springs.  I have never invested in a fancy shock before, but wasn't happy with the Concours' rear when pushing it a bit in the curves.  The rear end is stable and controlled, even fully loaded for touring (although I have no experience two-up on it).  It's totally satisfactory at smoothing out bumpy roads, but mostly I was looking for that feeling of connection and control when leaned over, rather than a wandering wiggle, and stability when transitioning quickly from hard lean one way to hard lean the other way.  I have been totally satisfied.  No futsing with air, no leaking of oil.  I cranked in a bit more preload and set the rebound damping fairly high when leaving for the trip, and have left it at those settings since returning.  It feels taught and sporty.  I can't compare it to the earlier Progressives because I haven't ridden a Concours with one of those, but the shock is definitely up to the task of controlling the weight of the bike.  Combined with radial tires, the bike gives a much improved feel for traction and gains an agility that defies its weight.  On our southern trip, I was finding whole new ranges of lean angle and was totally happy ripping the twisties- even the sketchy ones like Wayah Road - on the Concours.  Never once did I wish I was on another bike. 

That being said, I logged on this morning to offer the shock for sale.  **EDIT - Shock has sold.**
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