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Rally 2014 Silverdammit National-TIRES
« on: May 29, 2014, 06:34:19 pm »
*Service cost (Remove and re-install wheel from vehicle) is $30/wheel plus $5 disposal and parts fee per tire (Older Concours requires double labor on rear). That covers Weights, Cleaners, Tire disposal, and a new Rubber Valve stem.
*If tire is purchased from us "tire" installation is free. If you supply your own tire mount and balance cost is $25/tire plus $5 disposal fee.
**Pre-orders are welcome.
**First come first serve.
*******If you demand us to service your bike "Now" we will put you at the end of the line. Respectful patrons only please. The person before you is before you.
*The order of service will be base on lowest invoice number. The lowest number in line is considered "Next person up". So you may order your tires on day one and have them installed on day three. Lowest number is next up. If everyone waits until the last day then someone may not be served and a refund will be issued.

Tire prices are as follows:
Pilot Road 2
120/70 ZR17 $157.56
190/50 ZR17 $214.00
Pilot Road 3
120/70 ZR17 $175.36
190/50 ZR17 $242.36
Pilot Road 4 GT
120/70 ZR17 $190.40
190/50 ZR17 $264.80

Metzeler ME880
120/70 ZR18 $182.40
150/80 R16 $224.80

Sales tax for Missouri Residents
Example- Pilot Road 4 set installed on vehicle:
$455.20 tires + $10 Disposal and parts + $60 Labor=$525.20 (New Style Concours)
$407.20 tires + $10 Disposal and parts + $90 Labor=$$507.20 (Old style Concours requires double labor on rear)

We are looking forward to attending the event. We enjoy showing how our tools work in a real time atmosphere. Our hours are usually from after breakfast to dark. No work after dark. We will have one or two lifts and only two of us. Myself and one mechanic. It takes about one hour to service a bike with two tires changed per mechanic. We can do about 15-18 bikes in a day with the two of us. I'm not counting anything but I will be prepared with at least 50 sets of tires. I expect 18-30 sets may go ut during the weekend depending on attendance. We are VERY WELL ORGANIZED and operate an extremely professional operation. We have worked hundreds of events. Our record was last year installing 200 tires in a weekend with four staff.  We will have two tents set up for shelter backed by either our 32 ft or 40 ft trailer in full graphics.
   We use static wheel balancers accurate to 1/32 oz. We do not use balance beads as they do not work. Wheels are cleaned, Bushings and Seals are cleaned and greased. We charge extra if there is tire "Slime" in the tire because of cleaning.
  Each person will be asked for an email and billing address to create an account. They will receive an emailed receipt as well as a hard copy on site. We record tire pressures, mileage, and general notes about the vehicle. We will also have Brake pads available if needed. Brake pad installation is $12.50/caliper. Pads are from $36-$39 per caliper for EBC HH pads.
We want to make your Rally special.  ;D
Best Regards,
Sue and Steve
 No-Mar Enterprises and MototireUSA (636) 326-5999 or (636) 343-6686