Author Topic: Recommended settings for Progressive rear shock and Sonic 1.2 springs  (Read 972 times)

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Greetings all!  ^-^

Earlier this year, I had Sonic 1.2 springs and 15w fork oil done up front. I've just ordered the Progressive rear shock as well as a set of Avon tyres (Storm and Azaro) and am curious as to what the recommended sag for the front and rear should be.

I am 5'10.5" and about 315lbs, 330 with gear and all my other items on the bike. I often hit the twisties but would still like a somewhat cushy ride for on the highway (I live in NJ, our roads are ROUGH!!!)

Going to install the shock later this week, but figured it would be best to test set it before installing it, as the space around it looks very tight once installed.

Has anyone else tried this setup? Thoughts?

Thanks a million, COG is the BEST!!!  8)

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Re: Recommended settings for Progressive rear shock and Sonic 1.2 springs
« Reply #1 on: August 16, 2011, 11:42:21 am »
I have read that sag should be one third of travel. The factory manual list travel at 140mm front and rear. So one third would be 46.6mm.

To measure sag unload the suspension completely, ie on the center-stand with the wheel off the ground, and compare to fully loaded.

Make sure the bike is fully loaded as you ride it. For the front you can use a zip tie around the fork and push it down to the seal, for the rear and have a helper measure from the axle straight up to the bottom of the bag. You will have to balance the bike off the stand with your weight and your passenger on the seat, and all your gear, whatever is normally on the bike, gas, etc, while the loaded measurement is being taken.

Sounds like a pain in the butt.  :))
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