Author Topic: C10, Long Trips & Dirt Roads—A Question About Front Suspension  (Read 693 times)

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My old Suzuki GS1100G, an air cooled shaft drive less refined forerunner of the kind of bike the C10 is, was perfectly at home on dirt or gravel roads, so much so that I deliberately sought out a gravel road to ride when that bike turned its 50K mile. 

The C10 is a marvelous machine, competent in so many kinds of riding, dirt/gravel roads, are not among them—but perhaps it’s just that I am not comfortable on unpaved roads on the C10 with the implications of even a very low speed crash in my head as the pricey cost of damaged fairing parts.

While working on the C10 recently I began to wonder about the possibility that adjusting the forks might improve the bike’s handling on unpaved roads.

I notice that the top of the fork tubes are positioned about .75” above the top of the upper clamp.  If I push the fork legs down in the triple clamps until they were flush with the top of the upper clamp would that make the C10 more dirt road friendly?

So, ladies and gentlemen of the COG forum, has anyone tried this already?  Would it make enough difference to make it worth the effort?  I await your insight.


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Re: C10, Long Trips & Dirt Roads—A Question About Front Suspension
« Reply #1 on: June 30, 2013, 02:12:29 pm »
Hey Joe - I noticed this, too. I think that the early, double cradle frames were so flexible that the bikes needed lots of rake & trail for stability. As chassis design progressed and frames stiffened up, steering could be quickened by reducing the rake/trail if the steering geometry. This is much, much better for asphalt, but freaky in the dirt. Try the forks and see if it helps, but I'm not sure that the C10 will ever be a good flattracker.

.    Dan


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Re: C10, Long Trips & Dirt Roads—A Question About Front Suspension
« Reply #2 on: June 30, 2013, 03:36:49 pm »
It's tempting to blame the top-heavy design of the C10 for it's unwillingness to handle dirt/gravel comfortably, but having friends on the BMW R1200GS and Triumph Tiger (both very top-heavy), they tell me it just takes a lot of getting used to.

If your fork tubes are raised above the handlebar clamps, that effectively lowers the front and quickens the handling (i.e., it'll want to dive into turns).  This is not optimal for dirt, so I'd try raising the forks back up as a cheap and easy experiment. 
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