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2022 Memorial Day & 4th of July


Friends I have trips planned for Memorial Day in Marietta Ohio and the 4th of July in Floyd, Va. The Marietta event is listed as a North Central event......
Both should be great weekends offering great riding and host locations.
Book those ROOMS!
you can always cancel if your plans change.
FYI, the weekend in Floyd.........
Hotel Floyd will be booked solid for that weekend and there really isn't anywhere else to stay. So BOOK THOSE ROOMS!
A few of us will be heading south from Floyd for the week. yell out if you'd like more info.
Starting to see some registrations..........
Remember, the Memorial Day event is in Ohio and shows up in the N.C. section of the Calendar.
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Still rooms avaliable for Memorial Day in Marietta. There are 10 Coggers registered and I bet I have at least 10 non coggers coming from home so this should be a nice turnout.
Hope to see you on the roof!