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230 mile Western Colorado July 4th loop today


Mini Bike
Forum Subscriber
Left Telluride in the pouring rain, but we knew it was going to be short lived and it was.
Rode Norwood, Naturita, Basin, Slickrock, and rode Slickrock Hill 3X, thats a super fun twisty newly paved section in the slickrock desert. Its about 10 miles long with a bunch of constant radius corners. 40 -70 mph stuff.
Up to Egnar, Dove Creek East to Dolores for lunch then up the awesome Dolores river valley Hwy 145.
Its very rarely patrolled and you can cruise that section fast if you like, like 80- 100+. Being the 4th it was fairly busy and did see a LEO writing someone up so we kept it mellow.
I live in Telluride and the riding out of here is super good, every direction.
High mountains, desert and everything in between, this would be a great place to base out of for a week of local loop rides, anything from todays ride up to 500+
2014 C-14


Street Cruiser
Love that area Nick! On our cross country road trip on the way back we rode highway 50 from Annapolis, Maryland to just outside Carson City, Nevada! We rode up through Pueblo through Gunnison to just outside Montrose. I think we took a side road that followed the Gunnison river along Highway 92 to Delta and then took 50 for a stay in Grand Junction.. Great road with lots of turns and scenic spots. Wish we could have taken the 145 or 550 but it will have to wait when we come back later in the summer! Maybe we can meet up with you and your buddies! You are right you live in God's country! Spectacular! You should hook up with Steve Cook in Montrose....he is a heck of a rider and cool guy! See you soon!

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