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A most excellent impression of......


Sport Tourer
....real Presidential material ....




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Sport Tourer
Forum Subscriber
Fair enough gpink. Tit-for-tat I get it. But the Easter post was kinda funny, yours was a little mean spirited because it targets and attacks Biden's possible diminished mental state (or illness).

The more pressing question is, as was blatantly obvious, why did we get a warning on the Easter thread (w/o having done anything wrong in the first place); and then w/o any further member posts the thread was locked down-- whereas this thread keeps going?

Are Gumby's actions unfair because he may be a supporter of one political party and therefore is biased in his moderation?

What about the other moderators that could shut this post down? Are the mainstream media moderators here somehow biased?

I was suspicious and that is why I ended my last post with "unless..."

gPink said:
It wouldn't even exist if the 'Easter' thread didn't exist.


Sport Tourer
All fair questions, DC. The real point is that neither thread should be allowed to exist according to past experience and per COG rules if my interpretation is correct. And actually I don't consider it as much mean spirited as it is disturbing but that's another discussion that I'm not having here.