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Aprilia Tuono 1000R Vtwin


Selling my Aprilia Tuono:

Model: TUONO 1000R
Year: 2007
Mileage: 24,300 Miles and going up as I ride it for fun.
Price: $3,500

A great italian naked motorcycle with matt black paint . With a V-Twin 1000cc engine generating more than 134 HP and racing suspension, this motorcycle is a dream to ride. It's light weight and fast! Styling is elegant and has a strong presence. It's not the "in your face" aggressive styling that most superbikes have today. NOT FOR BEGINNERS!

This machine operates as new: the VTwin motor is powerful - lots of Vtwin grunt and raw torque down low, building to a smooth
high-end power peak. The brakes and suspension are racing quality. No leaks or any issues of any kind. Modern hydraulic clutch and eletronic anti-theft mechanism. Included original manual + (2) original keys. Bike is in excellent shape and works fine. No cracks or broken tabs. Has a few scratches on radiator but nothing broken. Mechanically it works great.

Summary of mods and upgrades done to the bike, included in price:
- Upgraded signals
- Fender Eliminator
- Extra Loud Hella Horn
- Pro Taper Mini Low Handlebar - original handlebar included
- Compu-Fire Regulator for 40A 3-Phase Charging Systems 55402

Add-ons NOT included in original price but available for sale with the Bike:
- Mivv Motor GP Black Exhaust ($350)
- MFW Vario Footpeg System, adjustable peg system for comfort ($160)
- Woodcraft Folding Extended Toe Piece ($45)
- Garmin Streetpilot 2730 + RAM Mount + Power Cable ($125)
- Extra Large Aprilia Rear Seat with Handles ($75)
- SHAD Top Case SH45 + Extra Rear Seat with Mounting Hardware ($300)

Full Ads + Photos: https://newyork.craigslist.org/brk/mcy/d/brooklyn-aprilia-tuono-1000r/6839841940.html