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Best windscreen for Tall rider. 1400.


Woody in BC
I just purchased a 2009 C1400 and am 6’4”
Could I get some opinions on what brands/models/sizes might be a good fit for me?
I live in Western Canada. I can see using the factory screen in the summer but would like one for early spring and late fall riding in the colder weather.
I read some comments about tall screens stressing the structure holding the windscreen in place and do not want this occurring
Your input would be appreciated.
Thank you.


There's another post with the same question recently, so I'm just pasting my response to that one:

I am 6'3" and I use a VStream on my 2015 Connie. I am not completely behind the screen but it puts me in a comfortable spot as far as buffeting. I look just over the top of the screen when it's in the tallest position.


Southeast Area Director
6'4" and haven't found a good solution. I'm a little wary of overstressing the mechanism. I think it might have changed, but I have a 2014. I have one of those laminar lip things on the top of my OEM shield, which helps some, but I like the wind in the summer (hot here in the SE US a LOT) and ride with it all the way down anyway (ear plugs required). I tend to ride my Goldwing in the winter and its windshield is quite big. Now there's the solution for you: Two bikes?!

Bagger John

6'4" here.

I run a 4.5" CalSci (one of the older models, bought in 2010) and usually keep it all the way down when running at speeds over 45MPH. As soon as the temps climb to a point that I can use a less restrictive shield I swap it for the one off my 2012. When summer arrives, the original short shield goes back on.


I'm not tall, but {In another discussion} I suggested the MRA Vario or the MRA Xcreen.
Their actually shorter than an OEM shield.
I think they offer better protection from the wind, have a movable wing on top to control where the air is moving, and they don't strain the windshield mounts.

I know of taller guys that use them, and think their great.

Ride safe, Ted


Forum Subscriber
IMHO, The National Cycle V Stream windshield is the BEST option for the C14, since the exit of the Cee Bailey option.
Not only does it provide superior wind management when the shield is down, but when at the top, the same protection is offered. Please note that I believe in needing to have eye level at least 1" above the top when sitting up straight. (or as straight as you can)
Also, there are several options available to create even higher wind flow (EG: Laminar Lip) if you desire. Some are adjustable and can be very useful. Woody lives in Canada so he can find the V Stream on the FORT NINE website and have it delivered to his house for free.
Just saying.

Canadian Prairie Rider


Woody in BC
Thanks Ivan.
Timely reply. I reached out and Cogger Gary had a Vstream he wasn’t using anymore in beautiful shape. It arrived today and is on the bike. Thanks so much Gary!
Snowed 6 inches today. The new screen looks great. Sitting on the centre stand it worked perfectly😂

I look forward to spring!

Ivan. I do have the one inch you mention so it seems it is a great fit for me.
Contact me if you come out to the okanagan.


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