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Breakfast Run!! Southern California Sunday, February 6th! Fun time!


COG Southwest Area Director
Jack Provda and I started the Breakfast Run that we ride almost every Sunday many months ago. So I thought why not put it on the Calendar for a reminder for other riders in the area to please join in! Plus it looks like we are busy in the Southwest planning rides! The Calendar version is the first Sunday of each month. This the 4th BR coming up this Sunday, February 6th. Why would you not want to participate! Breakfast is at 8:30am and then KSU at 9:30am. We usually have breakfast but if you only want to ride that's great too! I hope we have many riders participate in this really fun ride! It's not an all day ride....we usually are home by 1-2pm. Register on the Event Calendar which has all the information you need. See you all soon! :cool: (y)


COG Southwest Area Director
Very fun Breakfast Run today! Temps were as low as the mid 30's and warmed up to the mid 70's. Very comfortable and nice! We had 4 riders with one (me) leaving after a very tasty breakfast. I am still healing from partial knee replacement surgery with today being the first extended ride I have had in 7 weeks since my surgery. Jack, Gus and Ted were the riders and they said all roads were fantastic! Next Breakfast Run is the first Sunday in March! (March 6th!) Look forward to more riders coming to that one! We will ride Mt Palomar and possibly go thru Julian and the hills nearby!

Here are two pictures of the guys and bikes that I took after breakfast at The Landing Zone Cafe this morning!
First one Ted, Gus and Jack! Second The Wing and Jack getting ready to lead the pack!


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South Central AAD
Russ, looks like you've sparked a new group of like-minded riders into existence over there (no pun intended). Y'all are on FIRE (again, no pun intended). Riding all those amazing roads on the left coast leaves your tires SMOKIN' (ok, this time the pun is totally intentional). LOL :^ )

Congrats. I'm guessing that y'all will want to take a break during the hottest summer (vacation?) months?