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Buy a bell for a friend, get one for yourself for free!


Street Cruiser
Hi All,

Please check out my site, http://www.RideBellChain.com - we have a great way for you to pick out the bell the YOU want, without losing the magic by buying it for yourself! 

I have sold over 1400 bells without a problem, and we have over 80 different types to choose from.

Bells cost $12 to the USA, with shipping and tracking included.

If you don't want to be part of the "Ridebell Chain" then feel free to purchase directly in the store.

The home page will tell you the Legend of the Ride Bell...



Gypsy JR

Check this site out guys, I have never seen so many great bells in one place.

The American Legion Riders flag-and-emblem page for Legion Riders has like 3 bells, in comparison.

I'm going to buy one and give to a riding buddy, they work better when received as a gift from a friend.  :great:

Edit: How to hang one low on a C14... know the bolt that holds the lower radiator bracket to the frame tang? Make a 3/4" to 1"-1/4" long piece of flat stock ( [=======] ) with a hole on one end big enough for the bolt to pass through, and a small hole on the other. Put it on with a ss star washer and hang the bell of the end. This will be low enough for the bell's Angel to capture road demons.


Cool idea . I don't care if they work or not . I've got one hanging and may get another from you .

Cap'n Bob

I Need a Life
Some believe in the karma of it, others just like the fun in giving them to friends. But your suppose to be given them, not buy your own. These are pretty big within the crowd of folks on cruisers. I have seen anywhere the involvement for the sport tour folks. But there is always a start.


Street Cruiser
My bell hangs off the mount for the yellow relector by the front fender. 

I got some pretty cool bells!  Sport bike tricks, Ride It Like You Stole it, and lots more non-cruiser bells.

They work for ALL 2-wheeled vehicles.  :)

I'm going to be lowering the price to close-out pricing because the owner of the company that makes the bells is an A-hole and I'm tired of dealing with him.  Looking for new bell sources that are not "Guardian Bells"...if you know someone who makes nice bells, please tell them to email me:  mark@RideBellChain.com

I'll let you all know when I post the big sale before I go public with it.  I have about 400 bells of a huge variety in stock...