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Camano Island


Today turned out to be a pretty good forecast, so about 1 pm, I headed north to Camano Island. It was a good excuse to find out if my install of my ZumoXT above the dash was working, or not. And really, any excuse to ride is a good excuse.

Here's the route.

I stopped first at Camano Island State Park. There were about four cars in the parking lot and no one to be seen. I parked under a maple and the yellow leaves were falling all around me.

A small storm is coming in tonight. When I parked initially, the sun was peeking through the clouds. By the time I could take the picture, it was gone. At 3:30 pm, it seemed almost dusk.

I decided to try another beach park and headed north to English Boom Trail County Park. I have no idea why it is named that, and I saw no signs giving the background. But it was fantastic. Little to no wind. Calm ocean. It's a nature preserve and above me was a bald eagle calling out to its mate. On one of the pilings was a heron. Just a gorgeous place to stop.

And quiet. There was no sound at all. Both parks were that way. If you wanted to get away from it all, this was the place to go.

The bald eagle is up at the top branch of the tree.


On the way back, the sunset was beautiful.