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COG Membership Director, Frederic Boothe, Loses 8-Month Battle with Pancreatic Cancer

rev ryder

COG Executive Director
It truly saddens me to report that our good friend and Membership Director has succumbed to the illness he has valiantly fought the past eight months. Special thanks to Doug Meister for getting the info to me that Fred was in the hospital that enabled me to get in one last visit with him yesterday. He passed this morning peacefully.

Over the years, even before he was the Membership Director, Fred has been responsible for a number of folks joining the COG. If you rode, he figured you ought to be in the COG and would invite you to join. Join for the bike, stay for the people... that was always Fred's opinion of the club and he was one who helped a lot of folks decide to join and, probably, was encouragement for even more to stay. Fred was a no BS guy who called 'em like he saw 'em, and was not afraid to step up whenever there was need. A public servant to the end. I could spend a lot of bandwidth talking about this guy I have been proud to call "friend," a man who would always challenge you to be better and to not settle on the easy way around, and a man who would always help you when you found yourself struggling to get things done.

But alas, today Fred headed out on a new road, a better path leading to better vistas, better weather, and better BBQ. Yet I know he's not really far away. "For I am convinced that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor rulers, nor things present, nor things to come, nor powers, nor height, nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord." And that's what keeps all things together.

Ride on and ride free big guy. Get your lean on and we'll see you around the bend.

Steve in sunny Fla

Iron Butt
Industry Vendor
Wow, a sad loss for his family and his COG family. I hope his last few months were peaceful and painless. He will be missed by many.



That’s terrible, did not know he was ill, god speed Fred and Thank You for all you did for the industry, our group and fellow riders.


Sad news!🥲 Fred helped me a few times while trying to 'log in' when I first joined COG. Prayers for his family! 🙏


Just a nerd who rides
What a sad day. My condolences to all family, friends and everyone who had the good fortune to know Fred, cause he was an awesome guy. Thank you Fred.


South Central AAD
Very sad indeed. Heard he was sick early this year but thought I’d seen that he was getting better. He said he couldn’t join the ride Ted and I set up in late spring but that he’d be happy to ride with us on our next outing. Sorry we missed him.


Street Cruiser
Fred and I worked together closely on the Concourier issue releases. When I submitted the issue to the printer, Fred would get the mailing list together and help me with the mailing logistics and handling lost and returned copies after mailing. Even after he started treatment for his cancer, he was just the same as always, in fact, he was ahead of me on the Summer issue. He left big shoes to be filled, and I will miss him.


This is indeed a big loss for COG. Fred loved COG (he told me so) and worked hard for it. I certainly will miss him. :(
Like Rev said, he was a no BS guy, and to some that made him seem perhaps a bit gruff, but as I got to know him more I realized
that there was a big Teddy bear inside of him. I admired how he could put his emotions aside and deal with a problem totally with
logic. This came in handy here on the forum when occasionally emotions behind the keyboards were running high.
He was the only person I've ever met that could make the Pacific ocean look small.

My condolences to his family and friends, especially to Doug.
Those of you that didn't know Fred will also experience the loss without knowing it, just from his absence in COG.


South Central Area Director - COG 5063
Staff member
Doug, I know this is very difficult and it will take some time to heal but you and the Boothe family have our prayers. Pamela and I are devastate at the news.

I just sent a short eulogy to Ed that will just make the Concourier. It had to be short due to available room as I could have written a lot more.

Fred was a motorcyclist's motorcyclist and he truly loved COG. He walked the walk for COG and was instrumental in migrating to a sustainable IT environment along with the others in the COG IT Committee,

Like Marty said, most members will find out that his skill as Membership Officer will be sorely missed unless we can find another dedicated person who will take on the position and execute it with aplomb.

One phrase I remember well and smile anytime I remember it is: "I am afraid I am going to have to play the RALLY MASTER card on this issue!" If I could just here it again.......

Ride Free, Fred


From Brian a.k.a. B.D.F. said:
"Fred was one of my very favorite people, not just in COG but in the small sample of humans that I have met and known. So many others, far more able with language than I am have said almost everything that could be said in superb ways; I will invoke a line from Lincoln's second inauguration speech to sum up what I think of Fred Boothe:

"...with firmness in the right as God gives us to see the right..."

At the end of the day, that is what I believe I found in Fred- the courage and conviction in seeing the 'right' in life. A stand- up guy but never a bully, a person who wanted to get to the best possible place or solution in all circumstances but never in too much of a hurry to finish the trip, a man who, at the end of the day was fair, kind and gracious regardless of his outward appearance of veneer of 'gruffness' (which was not part of Fred). COG really has lost one of its tallest pillars in my opinion."

That's so true. I wish I had written that.


"In the end, it is not the years in a life that count it's the life in your years"
Abraham Lincoln

I had the privilege of riding with Fred for the last 20 yrs. or so and being his friend. He was the best friend I will ever have.
Fred loved the road, no matter if it was on 2 ,3 and even 4 wheels as long as I was doing the driving, He navigated.
I am sure I would have never gone on any of these adventures if not for him. We saw most of North America together,
from Alaska to Newfoundland and most places in between. I started travelling with Fred approximately 20 years ago. He had
about 20 years of travelling by motorcycle before I came along. We never got lost, I have never met anyone that could
read a map, set a route in his head the night before and never miss a turn the next day. I believe it is because he
had always been there before. Fred could remember a hotel he had stayed at 10 years ago somewhere in a smalltown east of Denver
and if it was a nice place or not. He would let me lead on trips on occasion when we needed to get on the Interstate. Then would
take the lead back when we got back to the good roads. I Did not mind though, He always seemed to know what was around the next bend
in the road.
I will miss my Buddy, He will be with all who knew him, forever. One of the places I traveled with Fred was to Gerlach NV. to the
Iron Butt Memorial, A special place to Fred for many years, out in the middle of nowhere. We stopped there a few times, He had
many old friends memorialized there. Written on a large flat rock along the path I saw this quote by Unknown. It stuck with me.

"How far we travel in life matters far less than the memories we collect along the way" Man, do I have lots of memories!

Clear Skies, cool temps., smooth roads and long Sweepers all day Fred

Doug Meister


The heavens must be reallll short on good people. I will miss the big guy. The words above say it all though so I will not try. If anyone knows of his arrangements or wishes please share. I have not found any online.

Road Runner

I've been away from the forum for several days and just now picked this up. So sad to hear. Prayers going up for his family and friends. I did not know him personally, but other I do know always spoke well of him. That speaks a lot of his character.

He will be missed for sure!

S Smith

Northeast Area Director
The heavens must be reallll short on good people. I will miss the big guy. The words above say it all though so I will not try. If anyone knows of his arrangements or wishes please share. I have not found any online.

I have learned there will be no services. He will be buried in a family plot in AL.


COG Southwest Area Director
I did not know Fred very well until I became an Area Director three years ago. We have monthly calls as part of our responsibility and Fred was a constant contributor! He gave it to you straight! He loved COG and all the members! I am going to miss him. Condolences to his family and many friends.


I never met Fred but he did help me Membership issues. Looking at the picture of him on his steed he was one that joined for the bike and stayed for the people. Godspeed and hope you are riding all the good roads.


My favorite Faceplace post of Fred's.
I stand here looking at nature creations. It amazes me with the power of the elements and time, such amazing features are created. I can not help but think back on my life wondering the impact I have made on others. We are on this amazing earth for such a short time and compared to the time it takes nature to create such amazing land forms, it really makes me think was there any significance of my life on this amazing planet. Could I have done more, or maybe I should have done less? It is these thoughts that go through my head as I view the magnificent creations of Mother Nature.
Naw, not really, my real thought is I am hoping the family in the van hurries up and leaves so I can take a leak.


A wonderful write up on Fred in the newest Concourier! Fascinating to learn about his LEO experiences. I'm sorry to have never met him.