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COG Promo Cards now available online


Staff member
The COG business card sized Promotional Cards, like those your receive in your Member Packet when you join or renew, are now available online to members via two methods to get extra cards.

1) Self-printing: you can use the generator tool on the website to print to your home printer on pre-cut business card paper, cardstock or even plain paper. It allows you to personalize the cards with your name and COG #. You can print your cards with scissor lines or no lines.
You can find the generator at Resources > Resources Additional > COG Promo Card Creator
or https://concours.org/COG-Promo-Card-Creator

2) They are now available in the COG Member Store as a member exclusive. You can personalize them with your name and COG #. The cards will be printed on pre-cut business card stock ( like the ones you received in your Member Packet) and then shipped to the address provided. (You must be logged in to COG to order)
You can find the Promo Cards at: Resources > Member Store > COG Stuff > COG Personalized Promotional Cards
or COG Stuff in Member Store

These cards are perfect for passing out to interesting riders you meet during your travels. You can also leave them on a motorcycle if you can't locate the rider. Pin them up on motorcycle shop bulletin boards, ask to leave one in the saddlebags/panniers of sport touring motorcycles for sale, etc.

A simple way every member can promote COG and grow the number of events and members.