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Commuter boot


2021 1400GTR
I need to get new boots. I commute year-round 40 miles one-way. Of course, the boots I have, Bates, are no longer made. Any ideas?
I need to get new boots. I commute year-round 40 miles one-way. Of course, the boots I have, Bates, are no longer made. Any ideas?

I was going to recommend a TCX (formerly Oxtar) model (7100 W I) that I used for my daily commute and long distance riding/touring; can't remember the actual model name. Very comfortable once off the bike for walking. I usually changed mine out for some Dr. Scholl's light weight sneakers once at work, then the boots went back on for the trip home. I occasionally got lazy and just left them on all day; they were that comfortable. The pair I have now I purchased around 2010, and they're still holding up well. No telling how many miles (and footsteps) they have on them.

Unfortunately, I don't see that model listed any longer. So other than recommending a name, not too much help. I also have a pair of Oxtar dual sports boots purchase in 2003, and they've also served me well. Because of that, I would not hesitate to recommend anything thing made by TCX. Very well made and decently priced.


I just bought some BMW Comfort Boots. My price after a discount code of PREBF23 was $187. No sales tax. No shipping. I would expect to pay a lot more for a Gore-Tex waterproof boot than that.


The outside looks great. The feel when I first put my foot in was wonderful. Walking in them was another matter. These boots do need breaking in.

FWIW, the sole is fairly thick. For me with a short inseam, that was a benefit.

Thanks Guy and Daboo for the feedback. Last night, I ordered a pair of Tour Master Solution 3.0 WP boots. And, this morning, based on Guy's response, I ordered a pair of TCX X-Five.4 GTX Boots (they were 25% off). Let's see which I like better.

That was something I forgot to mention, and was one of the must-have requirements for my TCX when I wore out my original Oxtars - which were also waterproof.

Waterproof and great right out of the box for walking. Fits like a boot/ankle protection/walks like a sneaker. Good with jeans I would have liked these over the TCX boots I wore when the idjut pulled out in front of me. Not sure if the 5 plates and 30+ screws might have been lessened but I like my chances

Thank you for the interest and feedback.

I received and tried on both the Tour Master Solution 3.0 WP and TCX X-Five.4 GTX boots. Both felt bulky to me because of the inner leg boot velcro closure. The Tour Master fit me better of the two. Sent them back to RevZilla. I looked at boots at the local Cycle Gear and came across SIDI boots. They didn't have the one I liked in my size (did try on a larger size) and I found a pair of SIDI Gavia (Gore-Tex) at ChromeBurner and ordered a pair - great fit - just what I wanted.

Happy New Year!!!


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I wanna bump this, but for a different reason.

I currently have a pair of Danner boots that have been excellent. Obviously not motorcycle boots, but they work well. Can anyone recommend a regular boot that can be used as a motorcycle boot? Or a motorcycle boot that can be walked in for LONG distances? As in hiking? Or am I after a unicorn?