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Connie Droppers Anonymous FAQ

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Connie Droppers Anonymous FAQ

Back in the early days a COGer named Kerry Perkins (CDA #1, former SWAD, now AAD for North L.A. and Ventura County, California) started awarding Connie owners who had the misfortune of dropping their bikes while standing still with a number... A Connie Droppers Anonymous number. Not an easy thing to do, as the prospective CDA recipient had to tell their tale of woe to the entire list. This was initially done on the Micapeak listserver, 2000 subscribers strong. With all of Kerry's COG duties it became difficult to keep up with CDA numbers. Greg Habel had been a member of COG for a while, and seen many of these tales of woe on the listserver. Greg had a few ideas (including lesson's learned being important to pass along), and asked Kerry if he would mind Greg taking over. With Kerry's blessing and wisdom, Greg decided to take this on. Greg continued to expand the program and information. Eventually Greg needed to move on to other things and at this point passed on the torch to Paul Campbell aka ChipDoc. ChipDoc continued the tradition of CDA, and nurturing a good community and program until late 2015. COG got CDA going again on 11/22/2021.

How to get your very own CDA number

Definition of a Drop:

Top 10 Ways We Drop Our Connies
Link to list

Drop Prevention Suggestions and Picking up Connie
Link to list

Common Parts that Break on a Drop. Fixes.
Link to list

There are official patches and t-shirts in the COG Member Store
(you must be a current COG Member with an assigned CDA #)

Getting Help
Contact Merchandise Guy or IT

Peter "Hogboy"'s Song - Kickstand Crash
Kickstand Crash - play MP3

Created by Kerry Perkins and expanded by Greg Habel and Paul Campbell. We appreciate all their initiative and efforts.
Amended 6/17/07 to include Drop definition.
Amended 7/14/07 to have folks specify C10 or C14.
Moved to the www.cog-online forum 5/7/08
Amended 5/22/08 minor edits to wording
Amended 8/23/08 Added COG requirement and CDA graphic download.
Paused 10/01/15
Moved to WA / Xenforo based forum.concours.org platform on 10/1/20 in whole as archive
Restarted CDA program 11/22/21 by COG
Amended 11/23/21 open to all brands/models of street motorcycles owned by COG Members
Amended 11/23/21 Drop definition wording (1 # per member)
Amended 11/24/21 Added CDA information pages to the COG website to support the CDA Forum
Amended 21/16/21 Wayne, "2andBlue" is added to the CDA thread Mod and Support staff
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