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Did NOT drop my 2014 C-14


Mini Bike
Forum Subscriber
I removed both wheels in my garage.
My bike was on the centerstand and stickered up under the oil drain area and headers. With wooden blocks.
It looked so precarious.
I made a sign for the family
Do Not touch under the Penalty of Death!
Got both wheels back on AOK


I don't think you have to remove the engine for a valve set. But it would be easier to do! ;D

What the heck made you do that?


I have 2 motorcycles and the other one is a Busa that sits on the Harbor Freight bike lift.  I had to new tires to put on and put my Connie on the lift.  Even though the weight difference on paper doesn't seem like a big deal i could tell the stability factor was a little sketchy.  I used the center stand for the rear and kept the lift in the fully down position.  I have the wheel lifts for both front and back and used the front one for the first time on the Connie.  It wasn't  the greatest fitment and I had to maneuver things a bit to make everything clear with the axel coming out.

Here is where it got scary.  I wanted to detail the bike and I have already built a custom Kick stand bracket ( for the Busa )  because I wasn't going to do any wheel work beside cleaning the front wheel.  I can do the rear wheel with the center stand on the floor.  I have engineered one of those Harbor Freight double roller dolly that allows you to rotate your front wheel.    Its bolted into the deck of the lift and makes getting things cleaned up a bit easier on the front wheel. 

Anyway... once I pumped up the lift and tested the stability of the bike lift I was spooked.  It seemed to be delicately balanced so I put it back down.

My solution?  I like to build stuff and do a little welding so  I am going to build a stabilizing system that can be engaged once its up to working height.  Looks like a weekend project to me...  a chop saw, clamps, grinder, and a my little wire feed and it shouldn't take to long... or so it would seem anyway.  :) 


Street Cruiser
I'd done it twice already. Center sand and wooden block shaped to cradle exhaust manifold. Never a though it would tip over even if disturbed.
I also secure center stand so it doesn't collapse.

Cheers... :beerchug: 


When I remove my front wheel I back the bike up to my steel shelving and use a tie down from the rack to the base of the shelves while on the center stand. It works and is stable if someone were to bump it.


Centerstand. Remove rear wheel. Re install axle, Place jackstand under axle. Jack up with block under header gently. Remove front wheel. reinstall axle. Place jackstand under axle. Remove jack. Super stable unless the Tasmanian devil roars through. Don't turn the handlebars tho'.