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Hello and Thanks from a new member.


Hi friends. I picked up a 2010 C14 with 39K miles from my brother a couple of weeks back. This forum has been a tremendous help to me and I wanted to say thanks. I have learned about KPASS, brakes, lowering, seats, windshields, maintenance, etc. The forum had an immediate sense of welcoming for me. You folks obviously do a great job. What a lovely machine the Concours is in the twisties. I feel so blessed. I am recently retired so I can spend more time riding and tinkering these days. I hope to meet many of you on the road in the near future. My wife and I live in South Arkansas where I have a bit of a motorcycle addiction. I currently have the 2010 Concours, a 2013 Honda F6B, a 2002 Yamaha VStar 1100, a 2004 BMW K1200 GT (not currently running), and a wife of 42 years who seems to understand. She also rides a Can Am Spyder and is joining me more these days on the road.

Wishing you all joy and safe travels!


Welcome! I'm just across the boarder in southwest Missouri. Be sure to check out the events page. I'm sure there will be a Spring fling in Clinton Ar. next spring and Nationals are in Eureka Springs in June.
Hope to see you at one of these events!


Just Cliff

Welcome aboard! There's a lot of good people & information to be found here.

I'm just up the road in central AR.


Welcome aboard Wnix!

As a full member you will have access to e plethora of archive technical bulletins, reports, how-tos, discounts and lots more. Poke around, if any questions don’t hesitate to ask!

Hope to see you at Nationals next year.

Wayne, Carol & Blue

Road Runner

Welcome and congrats on the new-to-you C14.

That's great to your recent retirement. More time to ride and make memories! Likely we'll see you at the National Rally in Jun '22.