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Helped a Harley rider


I was driving through town and spotted a couple of Harleys on the shoulder. I stop and ask what the problem is. He said it just quit and when he got it started again it wouldn't rev up. I thought about it a little bit and it occurred to me that I had heard of that problem here regarding the C14. I told him to remove the gas cap and listen for the sound of air entering the fuel tank. Sure enough, the gas cap vent was the issue. I learned it here folks and it paid off for the Harley rider. I'm just glad that I remembered the solution quickly enough. Bet he was too!
We are all here on this rock, we might as well have some fun / get along while we are here.

Good thinking @Bud though!

Wayne, Carol & Blue
I feel better stopping for 2 wheels than 4. I guess I'm hoping a rider won't shoot another rider.šŸ¤£
Stopped many times... one stands above the others; this is while we were living in Jacksonville FL:
On our way home from Steve's shop (Shoodaben) after dropping Irene's Vulcan-S for flashing (hers was the Beta bike- and she LOVES it!!). 11 PM on a deserted state road, still about one hour from home. We pass a guy standing next to his ZX1400 talking on his cell phone... did I mention we were returning with the Uhaul MC trailer? Empty?
Stopped, loaded his bike and took him home, about 15 minutes from our house. Young, sailor, very nice guy, that was deploying in a couple of weeks. Bike had quit on him. Got to pray with him, thank him, and said goodbye. What a great night!