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J&M Handlebar-Mounted CB/Stereo/Intercom system


God got one thing wrong: Stupid should be PAINFUL!
When I bought my 2011 Connie 14 in April of this year it had this system already installed and it works fine. Since I'm not into CB and I do not have headsets for it, I am offering it for sale or trade here in the COG before it goes to "FeeBay".

This is the J&M site for it

I have the following parts:
JMCB-2003 head unit
Concours 14 handlebar mount
Stock unit wiring harness
Dual rider wiring harness
License plate antenna/mount with a 3 ft mast
Weather cover for head unit.

I am taking offers because I have no idea what the market is for these units. I do know the original owner spent over $800 on it because I saw the paperwork.

Potential trades:
C14 summer windshield (CopperDawg), Cardo Packtalk, Sena model 30 or 50 or something else bike related.

Enjoy the ride,


God got one thing wrong: Stupid should be PAINFUL!
Sorry folks, work got real busy. I'm here and YES I have it off the bike with all cables, mounts, and the antenna in a box.


God got one thing wrong: Stupid should be PAINFUL!
Time to update this ad now that I know EXACTLY what I have:

I reached out to Andy, but I don't think this really is what he needs - he wants a Bluetooth solution that does this and it unfortunately doesn't exist.

J &M makes great gear, but it is not exactly inexpensive nor is it Bluetooth ready - it is designed around helmet mounted head sets instead of the Sena or Cardo Bluetooth stuff. Those are great units, just designed for a different purpose than this.
If you like the J&M handlebar mounted and operated FM/CB/Weather radio, Intercom, Aux system concept then this is the rig for you and please jump to the next paragraph for details.

I have the following complete system that was all cleanly and gently removed from my bike. No wire cutters were used in the removal to keep it as close to stock as possible:

J&M Handlebar mounted head unit with a COMPLETE wire bundle.
Concours handlebar mount (J & M charged extra for this)
Passenger wire bundle, push to talk, and connector (J & M charged extra for this)
3' mast antenna and cable (J & M charged extra for this)
License plate bracket, antenna mount (J & M charged extra for this)
Auxiliary input cable (J & M charged extra for this)

The prior owner says he had more than $800 wrapped up in the system (without the headsets he kept), and I am selling ALL OF IT as a package for $250 which is a great deal! You pay the actual shipping to wherever you want it sent, I don't believe in profiting from shipping or charging to pack it.
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I know it's been a while...

Have you sold the thing yet? Although not "desperate," I am interested, if it's still available.
If they dont get back to you, i have one ill be taking off my bike this weekend. Ive migrated to a sena 20s and find myself no longer using it. I loved it for ld trips as it allowed me to chat with the truckers for bear updates and traffic congestion. Mine is the solo driver set up, with the hardwired donegal to connect a music source. Cant remember off the top of my head which speaker headset i have. Pm me for pictures of how i had it mounted.