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just moved to San Diego. Looking for fellow COG' ers to show me the rope


Just got transferred from Chicago. Looking forward to 12 month riding seasons now!

Anyway, looking for fellow COG members, rides, meeting places etc so I can get to know the area.


Hey Tracy. Welcome to the fray. We have a regional meet and great coming up in Springerville AZ weekend of Sept 9th. I know a few So Cal folks will be at. I'm out of Henderson NV.


I’m here in SD and there’s a bunch of us that ride here. In the last four days several of us have ridden three of them. Fast, slow, whatever- all are welcome and we actually ride as opposed to just talkin about how we did it in our younger days. There’s a ride to Springerville coming up soon. Look for it in the Southwest Events section on this forum and COG FB. There’s a So Cal Concours FB group you can join that lets you see who’s riding where and when locally.


Street Cruiser
Hi Tracy! Just like Troy and Mark mentioned we have a rally and/or Meet and Greet next month and we have a pretty active group here in Southern California that likes to ride the area roads too! Check out our Facebook page and look forward to meeting and riding with you soon!

:motonoises:  :motonoises:  :great:


I plan on going to the "Meet & Greet" in Springerville, AZ. We could ride there together if our timing is right. I live in Mission Viejo.


Sport Tourer
Rubio's Fish Tacos
Roberto's Carne Asada Burritos
In-N-Out Burger
Fillipis Pizza Grotto
Roberto's 5 rolled tacos with guacamole

That's all you need to know about San Diego

And if you're looking for a good afternoon motorcycle ride go out to Dudley's bakery in Julian LMAO


Street Cruiser
Or Hodad's!! Great burgers!! Julian Pie Shop!! Right next to Dudley's!!  We will be happy to show you around!

:motonoises: :motonoises: :great:

Texas Concours 14

Off topic a bit: I noticed the listing of Roberto's as a stopping point. Many a year ago I lived in La Jolla. Man do I miss Roberto's in Del Mar. Tex Mex does not favorably compare to the great Mexican food at Roberto's. Ah, the old days: buy 2000 calories of food and walk to the beach for mass consumption. No Roberto's and no beach in Lubbock TX.